090318 BLOK / T.T.

090318 BLOK / T.T.


You don´t have to wait until you shed the body (your dying) to unite with the Divine!  But, the challenge… We must subdue the ego (the I AM!) first.

We do this by focusing on a sexual metaphor, the union of male compassion with female wisdom.  This raises the frequency, from the mundane (dual) to the spiritual (singular).

The higher the frequency, the higher the consciousness.  The higher the consciousness the closer to the Divine.

Tantric Taoism is a form of mental alchemy transmutiing `base metal´ (low consciousness) to `gold,´ (higher consciousnes).

In fact, the alchemists of antiquity, were doing just that, not trying to make gold from brass-tin, literally, but seeking enlightment, the real GOAL!


This, the 1,543rd chapter, in an attempt to explain.

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