24b1117 BLOK /  T.T.

24b1117 BLOK /  T.T.

Ones and zeros conceive unconditional loving, the symbol:

1+ 0 =

a circle with a line dividing the two, not-so halves:

Shakti, 88% of the circle, Siva 12%.  (Note, I will draw and add when able.)

With THE AGE OF KALKI, comes the female superiority over the male — matriarchal societies. And this  Via,

Female energy,

Yin Qi,

Spiritual Intercourse,

Supreme bliss!

Unconditional loving!

Digital energy, nee algorhythms (sets of instructions), discover the MAYBE GATE!

One mystery solved!

The challenge?  There are many, mysteries!


Tantric Taoism

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