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26a0817 BLOK / T.T.

26a0817 BLOK / T.T.

Suggested from TANTRA ILLUSTRATED by C.D. Wallis

When we die, our shedding of the material, it´s not destruction, but reabsortion of the spirit by the Tao, Divine Consciousness!  So, become aware of awareness, contributing to the unnamed, gaining enlightenment!

Tantric Taoism

220817 BLOK / T.T.

220817 BLOK / T.T.

Materialism, is the way of death!

There is only one great choice in life, offered, yet obscure — VIA THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED!

Going down the road of life, you will come to a junction.  One sign YELLS, TO THE MATERIAL… The other whispers, to the spirit!

99% of the world takes the road that ultimately leads no where but death.  They don´t even know why they were given a body (material form).  The other road leads to immortal life, by contributing to Divine Consciousness!

We are Divine Consciousness in material form.  This, to experience dual reality (ego). This, a way to understand, what you call reality is an illusion created by the five senses.  There is something greater once you learn how to dissolve the Veil (Maya).*

Ego pursuits add up to nothing ultimately, but few understand. Serving primarily what the ego desires (material things) is unproductive leading to a wasted life!

Learn the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.  It simply means that to  become attached to objects, things, only leads to suffering.  In the end everthing goes, including your own body.  Start  identifying with the Spirit, rather than your body.  It never dies!

To overcome attachment we must sublimate our egos, making it our servant, not our master!  As we are able to accomplish this, a different           `world´comes into view — Divine Consciousness!

What you call reality, is a dual existence where a phenonmenon called enantiodromia creates material form:  opposites attracting each other.  They go back and forth creating a vibration, which creates material form (limitation).  But, this limitation can be overcome simply by being aware of it, becoming `aware of awareness´ (TANTRA ILLUMINATED, C.D. Wallis).

With this light comes the power to evolve, which leads to greater consciousness, something that ultimately opens the door to the next `world! ´  This is not the Christian Heaven or Hell, but Singularity (the Tao).  Thus, it´s important to understand this concept now while in material form — why you were given a body.

Don´t waste your lives seeking the material, what the ego desires.  Subdue the ego and gain IMMORTAL LIFE (Divine Consciousness).  How?  By contributing greater consciousness!

Tantric Taoism

  • There is a way to see the Veil.  Sit in a semi-lighted space, preferably in the early morning.  Focus on an object.  You will begin to see it flicker, specks begin dancing in your vision. This is the Veil.  If you practice this exercise long enough, you will begin to see the waves of energy that make up the material form you call reality.  And it´s possible to dissovle this Veil to `sea´ the truth.

090817 BLOK / T.T.

090817 BLOK / T.T.

The only things worth anything at all are what we contribute to the Source — when we die. Accomplishments, endeavors that only aggrandize the personal ego are ultimately worthless!  Both Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and Kurt Vonnegut knew this, wrote about it.

Yes, Shakespeare is still remembered for his wit and wisdom, 400+ years later.  The Jesus Story lives, but to survive requires humanity.

Human beings are subject to three deaths.  The first, when we lose material form (death).  The second when everyone that knew us loses theirs.  The final death, the third, is when humanity succumbs, and is no more, extinct!

So what suffices as a contribution to the Tao?  All accomplishments and endeavors not done for the personal ego!  Thus, we must endeavor to evolve to the point of understanding this, this state of consciousness.  How?  By subduing , getting control of the personal ego.

Tantric Taoism offers a way, but choose your own, whatever works for you.

We are, in fact, Divine Consciousness, in material form.  We only have to realize the Godness in us to make the greatest contribution of our lives (when we die).

We were given material form to realize the Nature of Being!

Tantric Taosim