280517 BLOK / T.T.

280517 BLOK / T.T.

Ego = pain!  But, pain, the greatest of all teachers!  No pain, no pleasure!

Understanding, what´s involved via esoterica… Thus, going back to the beginning… If no now-ending, no beginning…

In the beginning, the manifestation of existence came forth as the Universe (what astronomers call the BIG BANG).

This was the result  of an impulse, the natural creative urge (iccha in Sanskrit) of the Divine to seek greater knowledge (jnana in Sanskrit) by action (kriya in Sanskrit).  It happened, and it´s happening now…

The three powers of the Divine (Siva-Shakti) are:  Will, Knowing, and Action!  Siva-Shakti are, Consciousness, Bliss and Freedom!

What they (Siva-Shakti) did was to precognate creation by Will, Knowing, and Action, all aimed at an espression of Being!   But, Siva-Shakti knew they must equip embodied form with understanding (jana in San.)  This has to do with how energy flows most effectively in embodied form (`life´) so it can emerge and empower activity (kriya in San.)

When Divine Consciousness became dual-embodied (aware of itself, I AM, nee ego) it created both pain and pleasure (limit and unlimitedness).  But, as mentioned above, the way of the greatest lesson!  This, to eventually achieve the consumation of duality with non dualiry (Singularity) — greater consciousness!  We become a God (we use God(s) in Tantric Taoism, as we believe in Polytheism).

This the goal of existence, and the ego was a necessary element to achieve such.

Tantric Taoism

F.A. Hutchison

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