25b0517 BLOK / T.T.

25b0517 BLOK / T.T.

God(s) are consciousness (energy vibrating)!  And we (humanity) are a part of such, the `won´ illuminating Light of the true Reality!

It´s a matter of semantics (the occult versus the Tantra), but there´s ultimately no Veil to dissolve — to see the truth.  It´s just a matter of us (humanity) realizing we are a version of the sublime consciousness in material form!

Consciousness is a very high vibration.  Material, at a much lower frequency (vibration).  Thus, it´s a matter of raising the frequency to match.

This happens automatically when humans lose the body (material), but the idea is to accomplish before `death.´  Then you add all the `color´(life´s experiences) to the total consciousness.

Additionally, this raises your status, allowing for some retention of your logos.   You then are able to manifest in some form on different planes, helping humans who are still trapped in their              `prisons´ (bodies).

Everyone thinks bodily life so great, when it´s `life´- afterwards (so called `death´) that is sublime!

Start identifying with your spirit now!  The body goes in the end!

Tantric Taoism

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