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281116 BLOK / T.T.

281116 BLOK / T.T.

on consciousness…

Consciousness, to us, has to do with three (3) things:


Awareness, and


And there are states and levels of these…

My friend Richard ´the lion-brained,´ once described to me, what low consciousness is :  IT´S WHEN WE DON´T KNOW THAT WE DON´T KNOW!´ Now, is high consciousness, WHEN WE KNOW THAT WE KNOW?  I would say ´knot´ as there´s a degree of humbleness associated with high consciousness.  So, ultimately, consciousness is an enigma, like life!

Hermes (Messenger of the gods.) wrote in his Smaragdine tablet the following:



P.S. If truly interested in such, I suggest reading H.P. Blavatsky´s THE SECRET DOCTRINE, and/or Heather Lynn´s ANTHROTHEOLOGY.

27a1116 BLOK / T.T.

27a1116 BLOK / T.T.

From ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gomes


According to anicent philosophy, the first divine consception of human beings took shape, little by little, ultimately the `perfect´person appearing as us (modern man).

When Nature evolves a human embryo, the intention is it shall be perfected, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The material body is to grow, mature and die.  The mind to unfold, to ripen and be harmoniously balanced — the divine part to mesh with the soul.

No human being completes this task, the Grand Cycle (`Circle of Necessity´) until all is accomplished.

What HIndus and Buddhists dread above all is to be reborn (into this material world).  It´s why they try with all their might, to perfect themselves in this life, while they have a body!

The way to avoid being reborn, Buddha taught.  It involves:

The doctrine of poverty.

Indifference to material objects.

Restricting the senses.

Reducing passions.

Frequent communication with Atma (soul contemplation).

The cause of reincarnation is ignorance and the idea that what the senses perceive is reality.  From our senses comes a hallucination of objectivity.  These sensations produce the desire to cling to material objects (attachment).

From the desire for `love´of other human beings comes reproduction, disease, decay and death.

This clinging to material objects is the cause of Karma (the Law of Deed).  The goal is to overcome, by stiffling desires.

Those who accomplish this are called Arhats.  An Arhat has achieved Nirvana.

Nirvana is when delusions of the senses has disappeared.  It´s the highest attainable state (or sphere).

Tantric Taoism

251116 BLOK / T.T.

251116 BLOK


What is `sin´anyway, being bad?  No bad, no good!  No evil, no divine.  Is ´sin´ breaking one of the Ten Commandments?  Thou, shall not… How would we know good, without bad?

Dr. C.G. Jung said the only `sin´ is unconsciousnessl (Not knowing that we don´t know!).  How could Jesus, sacrificing his life, help raise our consciousness?

Such a belief, that `Jesus died for our sins,´ implies a brutal injustice against Nature!  Not everything was created just for human beings!  Not just for us human beings, does the world exist!   That we alone are the sovereign of the Universe, a sovereign so mighty that to save us from ourselves, a God (Jesus descended) had to sacrifice his bodily life!

This was invented by Christian fathers hundreds of years ago (Constantine), in order to get control of the masses, and for money (power) no less!

Only unevolved people believe this!  Jesus, according to Rudolf Steiner, died on the Cross at Golgotha, for one purpse only and that was to demonstrate (by the shedding of his blood), the concept of love for the world!  Not the romantic kind, with is basically desire, but the kind that puts other people before us.  ´Love Thy Neighbor,´as thyself!

Tantric Taoism

23b1116 BLOK / T.T.

23b1116 BLOK / T.T.

From ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gomes


¨Physical death was a provision of the Divine for the benefit of humanity (to observe and experience).  It was instituted so they might attain higher ends, while still in body — `enlightenment´ in a word!

Note, Can you imagine life without death?  What would be the point of living if endless?  People would go mad!

¨However, there is a spiritual death as well.  This is when the Divine deserts the physical body, when one falls in love with the ego-self and the material world with all its so-called pleasures.  He or she then loses the divine love of God!  He or she falls from truly living into a sort of death.  Physically he or she exists, but spiritually they are dead!¨ (Note, this is the case with Donald Trump and people like him, egomaniacs!)

¨When spiritually dead he or she becomes dead to all the delights that the Spirit exalts.   The tireless pursuit of $ riches, amusements, entertainments of social life, the cultivation of graces of manner, taste in dress, all the material things like distinction, intoxicate and enrapture these dead-alive people.

A high development of the intellect does not imply a spiritual and true life either.  Many of the greatest scientists are but animated corpses, as they have no spiritual insight!  But, we find the spiritually dead in every segment of life.  When these people die physically, they begin the fearful law of compensation or Karma, the Yin-Yuan of the Buddhists!¨


20a1116 BLOK / T.T.

20a1116 BLOK / T.T.

At my age, 78, I am becoming more of the spirit, and less of the material.  This is the process of making the transition, what common folk call death (my `shedding of the body´).  If fact, I look forward to this, as I have discovered higher (better) `worlds,´and I´m not talking about the Christian heaven.   So, when people want me to participate in modern life activities, maybe they might understand I´m not so much interested anymore in the mundane.

Recently, I read about a young woman dying of cancer, who won a court case to have her body frozen.  This, so she might come back to this life at some point. I feel so sorry for people, the ones who have no idea about what is possible beyond this life.  Yet, in this case it´s probably because she´s so young.

The trick with cancer is not to have it diagnosed, as a `death warrant!´ It has become an industry rather than a disease!

If I `shed the body´ because of cancer I won´t know it.  It will just be another pain.

The body disintegrates slowly over time, depending on how much CHI (PRANA) you have been given.  Dust to dust, but a natural cycle in this dual existence.  If born, must die!   This should be embraced not avoided.

The time in between an opportunity to evolve to a higher state, via a purifying process.  The goal is to never return to this ´plane´ of existence.  Most don´t understand!

Tantric Taoism

201116 BLOK / T.T.

201116 BLOK / T.T.

from ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gomes

pp. 58:

¨Plato thought man to be the toy of necessity, in the evolution of human existence.  He (man) is influenced by external forces (because in Duality there is `the other,´ or bad, as well as, good).

Happy is the PURE man!  If his external soul-body is pure, it strengthens the second or the astral body (higher mortal soul). But, because of his dual nature, the ego can easily `side´with his animal nature.  The lusts of man arise in consequence of his material body.  But, Plato makes clearly a wide distinction between the causes.  Fatalism (events are predetemined) which he concedes to humanity does not preclude the possibility of getting control of his actions, his life.  Pain, fear, anger, and other feelings are given to man to help him become more conscious!  And when man conquers his self, his ego, he can live righteously and happily.

The dual man, i.e. the one from whom the Divine immortal Spirit had departed (because of Materialism) is left merely to his instincts.  Hence, he becomes a docile tool of invisible forces (via the ego).¨

Note, so the question… How can man avoid pain, evil (all the rest undesireable) and become divine (while still in bodily form)?  Learn, grow, change, and evolve by taking the inward, not the outward, journey.  This is ´the road less travelled!´ But, ultimately, it leads to a righteous and happier life!

Stop being controlled by those who want only to sell you somthing!  And for money, their God!

From ANTHROTHEOLOGY, by Heather Lynn:

pp. 213:


Tantric Taoism

06b1116 BLOK / T.T.

06b1116 BLOK / T.T.

From ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gomes

pp. 30:

¨Primeval man was purer, wiser and far more spiritual!  Also, of a far higher nature than present man.

Primeval man had become a spiritual creature, through the process of involution.  Then, matter took presidence and transformed him into physical man, the Second Adam (2nd. Ch. Genesis).

Man as with the snake shedding skins, must cast off the gross material body, to enter upon the next stage of his existence.  And then will come enlarged power and quickened vitality!¨

Tantric Taoism