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270816 BLOK / T.T.

270816 BLOK

I observe people, examining their faces, most so unhappy.  I feel sorry for them, ´Strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage!´  Robots all!

They go hither and yon chasing the material, rushing about in motor vehicles, making noise and creating pollution.  They don´t know that they don´t know!

Life, what is it?  Watching TV, going shopping, taking care of baby, career, money, love, etc.?  I feel so sorry for them, lives wasted!  And for what?

I look at people, so sad, so sad, your dad!

The thinkers, we,

we spend our time trying to figure

as in numbers,

what is life all about?  The rest, the 99.9 just try to survive, day to day, and then die, not having a clue!

I remember a quote from a Moorish King (via Will and Ariel Durant´s THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION).  The King said, Óf my long and powerful life I can remember only two days I was happy!

Is material happiness important, ultimately?  Modern life sells such, if we would just buy this or that!

Is it better to have little power and/or little consciousness? Just to live, ´streaming´life and nothing more?


Quien sabe!

People, friends ask me all the time how I feel, am I doing O.K.  I think, at least the younger ones, are worried I´m going to die in their presence.  Then, what to do!  I always reply that I´m fine, as to relieve their anxiety.

But, being old is different, as least for me.  There´s pain everyday, of one sort or another, whether it be physical or mental.  The body is disintegrating, piece by piece, organ by organ.  Thus, it´s not like being 19, or 30, or even 40 years of age.  Older people have more trouble seeing and hearing.

As we grow older we fight against such, but inevitable!  We have surgery, we exercise, we do yoga, we adjust our diets, our life style, we tend to sit more.  We go to doctors and if no help, we research on our own.  How can I maintain, live longer?

We think it´s more important we realize we´re MUCH MORE THAN OUR EGO-BODIES!  Additonally, that there are higher, and greater worlds than this one (dual reality), and we´re not talking about ´Heaven and/or Hell!´

Read Rudolf Steiner´s HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS!

Basically, bodily life has given us the opportunity to perfect our souls!  99.9% of the 8 billion, hardly have a clue!!  Don´t be one of those!  Help elevate the Spiritual (Divine) world by perfecting yourself!  This is WHY WE ARE HERE (with an ego-body)!

Tantric Taoism (AKA ´H.´)

24a0816 BLOK / T.T.

24a0816 BLOK / T.T.

We are much more than our ego-body!  We are the total actually!  Achieve the supersensible world, while you still have a body.  Read Rudolf Steiner´s, HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS!





Tantric Taoism

23a0816 BLOK / T.T.

23a0816 BLOK / T.T.

The ´Í am!´ is not the ego body, but the true self, the spirit, the soul! 

Separate ´yourself´from your body of senses.  Get beyond!  See your true self.   What you used to be is really somebody else!

Í am spirit, soul, separate from my ego body!


I am more than my body!

I am more than my body!

I am more than my body!

Tantric Taoism

210816 BLOK / T.T.

210816 BLOK / T.T.

Vedic Hymn (paraphrased):

¨May your eyes go the sun,

Your soul to the wind!¨

Your heart to the trees!

Your blood to the water!

Your hands to the leaves!

Your feet to roots!

Your brain to the soil!

Your thoughts to the clouds!

Your skin to the sky, and

May your ego die so that your Spirit

Soars like an eagle!

Tantric Taoism

09d0816 BLOK / T.T.

08b0816 BLOK / T.T.
Nonsense perception, that’s what we need, to get beyond to Higher Worlds, a la, Rudolf Steiner!
You would be wise to read him, and others; other works/writings (the following list in no particular order):
The Christ-Jesus
‘The Gospel of St. John,’
Thomas a Kempis (‘The Imitation of Christ’)
Helen Blavatsky (Theosophy:  ‘The Secret Doctrine’)
‘The Gospel of Mary Magdelene’
The Gnostic Gospels
J.W. Goethe
Edgar Cayce
C.G. Jung
The Akashic Records, THE BOOK OF LIFE
The Vedic Scriptures
The Upanishads
Of, course:
Lao Zi
Chuang Zi
Shakumani Guatama (original writings)
Albert Einstein (‘Imagination more important than knowledge!’)
Their wisdom, knowledge all add up to
Tantric Taoism

09c0816 BLOK / T.T.

08a0816 BLOK / T.T.
Things, and more things,
Material things,
By sight and touch,
Oh, so much!
Sometimes we hear,
Sometimes we smell,
We think we ‘nose,’
When we don’t
Locked in the world of senses,
All dual fences!
So, why humanity?
A test, you’re a guest
To arrest ‘the Other!
Let the Ego ‘know,’
Then you might ‘no!’
The ‘Yes,’
As ‘Nonsense,’
The Best!
Tantric Taoism

09a0816 BLOK / T.T.

09a0816 BLOK / T.T.
Regarding Taoism…
At the risk of confusing you it is my nature to try and explain the philosophy of Taoism, as it’s changed from Lao Zi.
Some background:
Lao Zi, was the librarian in a region of ancient China (2500 B.C.).  When he retired, as the story goes, a man asked him to write a book.  The ‘Tao Te Qing’ is the result, some 81 Chapters, which has become a kinda ‘bible’ for Taoism.  But, much of it is about government, as Lao Zi, very unhappy in his role working for the Emperor.
Today, in modern China, Confucianism is much more revered than Taoism.  When Mao took over most of the Taoists moved to Taiwan (Nationalist China), where they established many temples that exist today.  I was initiated into one of them, all very secret.
My experience in China, living there and cycling all over for five years lead to my own combining of the Tantra with Taoism: (now over 1,200 ‘chapters.’
Yes, named-reality, the one you know, is what most people believe is all there is… But, there is much more beyond what the Hindus call ‘maya.’
‘Maya’ is the veil that keeps us from seeing what really is. We live in ‘sense’ (named) reality that keeps us in the ‘dark.’  Why?  ego consciousness.
My life is all about bringing the Light to this ‘Darkness!’  This to people with open minds, ones who have super-sensible ‘eyes’ that can ‘see’ through to the many ‘worlds’ beyond.  Where we came from originally.
Taoism as ‘launched’ by Lao Zi is basically a philosophy, rather than the ‘religion’ it became.
Simply, Taoism is YIN (female) and YANG (male) two ‘sides of the same coin!’  Their relationship is what this ‘world-reality’ is, a dual one, opposites cycling back and forth.
Cycles are created by what is called enantiodromia (opposites seeking each).  The simplest example is a pendulum clock.  When the pendulum swings to its limit it seeks its opposite (gravity, another ‘vibration’ playing a role in this ‘movement’).
The world is made up of ‘opposites,’ man-female, night-day, love-hate, and I can go on and on naming just about everything from air-vacuum, to sad-happy; ad infinitum.
The attraction of opposites creates ‘cycles’ (night-day, hot-cold) and are ultimately the ‘vibrations’ that create form, and material objects; you and me.  Some like rocks with a low frequency, plants and animals, higher, some at a very high-frequency, like human beings.
Colors are different ‘frequencies,’ air, light a higher frequency, and even our thoughts!  The speed of thought even ‘faster’ than light!
The higher frequencies are not perceived by the eye, or the ear, or ultimately our five senses.   But, there are ‘worlds’ beyond our five-sense and named reality.
And this is where ‘I live,’ when I can eschew modern materialistic life (an illusion)–  where you should try to reach while you still have a body (form).  How to…?
While I was living in China, I combined the Tantra with Taoism.  The Tantra is basically sexual energy.  I (‘we,’ as I try never to use the word ‘I’) combined the Tantra with Taoism as a means to unite with the ‘Divine,’ Singularity or the Super-sensible world.  A means of ‘dropping the veil.’
I list here suggested people and works to study/read, as a necessary basis for understanding all of this.  These including Shakumani Gautama (the First Buddha), Padmasambhava (the Second Buddha), Zarathustra, and the Christ-Jesus, among others.  Some contemporary like J.W. Goethe, C.G. Jung and Rudolph Steiner.  The Vedic Scriptures are important to understand, but many more ancient works including, the Bhagavad Gita, the Christian Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, etc.  This is not ‘Pokomon Go!’
My cycling around the world was a spiritual pilgrimage. ‘I’ didn’t know it at the time but it involved moving the Kundalini from Tibet to Bolivia, from north to south, from east to west. This announces the ‘Age of Kalki,’ the ‘Age of the Guan Yin,’ Female Energy to reign!
Tantric Taoism