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24b0716 BLOK / T.T.

24b0716 BLOK / T.T.
Here’s an exercise for you from Rudolf Steiner, called ‘Breathing the Light!’
You breathe in Light (consciousness)!
Inhaling, SUN
Exhaling, MOON
(Repeat over and over, visualizing the sun and moon, when you inhale and exhale).
And explanation from HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS, by Rudolf Steiner, pp. 233:  “In cognition, too, there is a process of exchange between the inner world and the outer. In order to know our universe we both take in and move out — we breathe light, as Steiner called it.  Cognitive practice, therefore, is a yoga (yoking) not of breathing in the element of air, but of breathing through all the senses in the element of light.”
This is consciousness!
Tantric Taoism

24a0716 BLOK / T.T.

24a0716 BLOK / T.T.
Getting to the ‘state’ of non-sense, beyond what Rudolf Steiner calls the supersensible.  This is the goal, transcending our limited perception, the five senses.
So, why in the first place do with have a body?  ‘To bring the higher world into relationship with the physical sense world.  Humanity is the means by which the Spirit penetrates the physical sense realm!’  (R.S.)
Tantric Taoism

240716 BLOK / T.T.


240716 BLOK / T.T.
Walking on the sky,
The day I die,
Yet, it’s life
In another world!
Where the imagination wins!
But, so few have,
Living only by the five
High and low,
They don’t know!
Wake up from
The Big Sleep,
The veil blocking the truth,
So sayeth Ruth!
Make everything good
That’s where to live,
Tantric Taoism

100716 BLOK / T.T.

100716 BLOK / T.T.
Shift your perception-attention away from the world of senses to the supersensible world.  Develop the ‘organs’ that can lift the veil of Maya (illusion) to discover something greater, beyond — where we come from!
With this new ‘power’ you will be able to help the Spiritual Evolution of humankind!
Tantric Taoism

080716 BLOK / T.T.

080716 BLOK / T.T.
For Michael, his father, Rucha and Xutan (sorry only in English)
People must ultimately realize that they have a body to overcome the material and the superficial!  This can only be accomplished by subduing the ego-body, and the way is to suffer!   Why?  Because suffering is what causes us to pause and ask why? Why me?
If you have been chose to suffer, to awaken, from ego consciousness you are more than fortunate!  You have been given the way to immortal ‘life!’  To ‘live’ in other ‘worlds’ much greater than this one, so limited (Duality).  This one where if there’s a beginning (birth) there’s an ending (death).
Most people waste their lives with the mundane!   They are trapped in the cultural ‘cage’ of the ego (desires, wanting, pursuing, etc.), controlled by external material forces.  These people go through life without realizing why they’re ‘here,’ why they have been given a body.
You have an opportunity, more than that an obligation, to fulfill your sacred destiny!
Don’t fail to stop what you’re doing (staring at that small screen), and ask yourselves, ‘Who am I? And what am I doing?’  ‘Am I seeking the highest good for myself, and the highest good for life everywhere?’  If not, change directions!
Tantric Taoism

4d0716 BLOK / T.T.

4d0716 BLOK / T.T.
Goethe wrote:
This means that living in this world, that we have the opportunity to uplift ourselves to God consciousness (the Spirit).
But, if we waste our time here in a body (‘If you have not this in you,’), we’ll be back again, with another chance, in another body.  The Hindus/Buddhists call this reincarnation.  That with this dual realm (we call ‘reality’),  in which there is both light (good) and dark (evil) we have a choice.  And the choice is ours.
This is the Christ-Jesus story!  That the ‘letter’ (the word, the ego-body) must ‘die,’ that the spirit maybe resurrected from it!  This is the task of our bodily lives!
Most Christians, don’t understand!
Tantric Taoism