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220616 BLOK / T.T.

220616 BLOK / T.T.
The ‘Queen of Destruction,’ KALI, the consort of Shiva:
From ALL OVER CREATION!, by Ruth Okeki
pp.324, but paraphrased
“She has four arms and three eyes!  Her tongue is a snake, red in color.  In one left hand (she as two), she holds a bloody scimitar (a curved sword).  In the other, a severed head!  But, both of these hands are extended, palms up as offering benediction.  Around her neck she wears a garland strung with more human heads.  The ‘belt’ she wears around her waist is made up of many dangling arms, severed at the shoulder.  Her skin is blue in color. She stands on the chest, of Shiva, her consort (partner):  controlling the male ego!
To western minds, hopelessly entangled in the dualities of illusion, they miss the ‘message’ of this symbol.  Kali represents both death and birth, as one cannot exist without the other (in our reality, a dual existence).  SHE REPRESENTS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EGO, the concerns that bind us to this material plane of wants and desires, the things that keep us from achieving enlightenment!
Kali is violent, but at the same time compassionate!  She’s both sybartic and nurturing, cruel and benign, a kind mother and a vengeful ‘whore!'”
In Bon, DEMCHOG, offers the same redemption — the symbol of uniting with the Devine, having overcome the Ego!
Tantric Taoism offers one way to achieve this!

210616 BLOK / T.T.

110616 BLOK / T.T.
‘We,’ human-spirit energy ‘live’ in a series of worlds, one after another.  Rudoff Steiner knew this, so did Edgar Casey as well. Now, us/Tantric Taoism!
Duality, this ‘reality’ is very limited, but gives ‘us’ the opportunity to overcome the ego, and know our true selves (Gods)!
We’re ‘trapped’ in form, and in this form Lucifer (Evil) prevails!  Only a very few able to understand and overcome such.  The prophets, so named, a few, the Christ-Jesus was ‘won,’ and thus are ‘worshipped,’ followed, etc. as examples!
This Universe has a great desire for expression, and ego energy a part of that evolution!  In the development of this ‘evolution,’ Duality, via enantiodromia, has gone to its extreme (male ego domination), in order to manifest, In the process, union with the Divine (Female energy).   From Darkness (male), the Light is born (female)!
When we ‘shed the body,’ we move from this ‘world’ to the next ‘world.’  But, which one depends on what we have accomplished ‘hear!’   For those who have ears, let them ‘here!’
Most people, distracted by the mundane (materialism), fail to achieve a ‘better world.’
Don’t fail to take advantage of this great opportunity while in form:  overcome the ego (‘I’).  Become we!  Unite with the Divine!
Tantric Taoism

20d0616 BLOK / T.T.

180616 BLOK / T.T.
If you want to ‘die,’
Land on me!
‘Coming for to carry you home!’
My matamosca, deadly as can be,
In a flash of lightening
To carry thee,
To ‘the promised land,’
Dust to dust!’
Life-death in Duality
But, to overcome is possible!
This life, Duality, only ‘won’
‘Won world,’
‘Butt their’ are many!
We are trapped in body-reality, and
Only a few ‘escape,’
But possible, via
Tantric Taoism

20a0616 BLOK / T.T.

120616 BLOK / T.T.
This life is an illusion!  ‘Won’ that ‘struts and frets its hour upon the stage!’  Then, never heard of again — ‘out, out brief candle!’   Shakespeare said it, ‘We are the things that dreams are made of!’
Humans are an energy that comes and animates a form for a time, giving us an opportunity to evolve (in terms of consciousness)!    Note, most people are clueless, nothing but consuming robots that lead meaningless lives!
To realize we were created by Gods, to return having overcome evil (ego consciousness) is of great import!  It is the purpose of our bodily ‘life.’
Oh, ego where is thy sting, oh separation, where is thy victory?
In overcoming!
Tantric Taoism

200616 BLOK / T.T.

200616 BLOK / T.T.
The Old Testament (Genesis) in the Christian Bible, is wrong (written by men):
From ALL OVER CREATION, by Ruth Ozeki
pp; 105:
“For having eaten the Apple, from the Tree of Knowledge now wo/mankind knows suffering and death (Duality, ego consciousness — can’t know our Creators without).
“Here we must ask; is our answer to that original transgression (actually evolution) once again, to defy God’s Will and to set our sights on the Tree of Knowledge itself?  YES!
“Do not forget the Lord (actually Lucifer) put a flaming sword at the entrance to Eden (‘Paradise’) to keep wo/mankind away!  Note, this was not the Lord, but Lucifer (Evil) that did this as wanted to keep wo/mankind in Darkness!  And thus confirmed,
“Lest he put forth his hand and take also the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever!  Yes!  For this is the way to Union with the Divine, Singularity, and ‘immortal life!’ (another world) – human’s evolution.
We have the potential to be ‘God of Gods!’  The entire story of Genesis in the Christian Bible, has been perverted by Lucifer (male ego consciousness).
The ultimate act of transgression was by the male (who wrote the Christian Bible/Genesis) who wanted to keep wo/mankind in Darkness!  It is the Female Goddess who is bringing us from Darkness into the Light!  And in Christian terms this is Mary Magdelene via the Gnostic Gospels!
Another name is The Guan Yin (female energy).
Tantric Taoisim

080616 BLOK / T.T.

080616 BLOK / T.T.
We ‘solidify’ this reality using ego consciousness (‘the other’) to form objects (me, you, it).  When, in fact, IT is amorphous, this ‘see’ of ether!   ‘Naming causes the disappearance of the true ‘reality!’
We have created this ‘world’ with names/words, in a variety of languages.   We have made ‘solid’ what is ‘knot!’  We are ‘locked’ in this reality via the body we have created!  ‘Hear’ the Ego rules!
The goal is to dissolve the boundaries between objects  This, by first getting control of the ego, then dominating it!
‘Sea’ everything as yourself.  Look at every object as if it were a mirror reflecting you!  Say to it, ‘I am you and you are me!’
This is the goal of all meditation, yoga (to ‘yoke’) and Tai Qi Chuang!
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  Shakespeare wrote, ‘We are the things that dreams are made of!’

060616 BLOK / T.T.

060616 BLOK / T.T.
An announcement: THE SIXTH GOSPEL (‘gospel,’ the word, by the way, means ‘good news!’) — the New Myth!
The past three months have been my ‘Third Initiation!’ I, nee we have managed to survive, but barely as had to do with moving to a new:
City, and
A new world actually!
Long ago, I had entitled my autobiography, SATURN TWICE, having to do with Saturn (the energy); how it visits our lives every 28 years, and in the process ‘shakes us up/down’ to our very foundation — changing the direction of our lives at the very least, if it doesn’t kill us! In screenplay writing we call this a ‘plot point!’
Little did I know until recently that there are a total of four ‘Initiations’ on the way to ‘Arhathood!’ The 4th, I believe, has to do with ‘shedding the body!’ And once in the land of the Gods (Devachan), they decide whether ‘you’ become a Bodhisattva, or a Buddha. Note, English words do not do this ‘spiritual chronicle of being’ justice, but the only way until symbols are attached.
Language, whatever language, limits us. Lao Zi wrote in THE TAO TE QING, that ‘The Tao you call the Tao is not the Tao!’ Meaning, once you ‘name’ something you lose it!
I have discovered recently, however, that I now ‘know’ that we (human beings) were originally created by cosmic energy, the Ancients called ‘Gods.’ Each culture had their own names for such, from ‘Phanes,’ ‘Ma’at,’ to ‘Atlas,’ to ‘Zeus,’ ‘Eros,’ ‘Ra,’ to ‘Thoth,’ and many more… In Taoism, ‘Pangu!’ In Polynesian Mythology, ‘Avalki.’ In Hinduism, Krishna and Bhrama. All life born, they knew, came from a ‘Cosmic Egg,’ or ‘rock’ — the symbol of the Cosmos. The Serpent of Light (the Kundalini) winds around this ‘rock!’
You will begin to guffaw at this point, because this is esoteric knowledge, and you are unfamiliar with it. Whatever! Believe what you’re comfortable with, but remember one thing… ‘belief’ is penultimate, you have to know — as I now claim!
I know, for example, the past 7,000 years has been dominated by the Male Ego, a very destructive energy! I, nee we, also know it’s reached its limit in our Dual existence, and via ‘enantiodromia,’ a new Age is dawning, the Christ-Jesus story fulfilled — ‘The Sixth Gospel,’ where by during this ‘Age of Kalki – Age of the Guan Yin,’ we will overcome physical ‘death’ with IMAGINATION, uniting with the Divine (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE)!
And even though now, in 2016, at the ‘bottom’ of a deep, dark chasm, a horrible time in human history, it is time to look up and find the LIGHT! THE LIGHT OF FEMALE ENERGY!
Tantric Taoism
(F.A. Hutchison)

050616 BLOK / T.T.

050616 BLOK / T.T.
Ancient man lived in the sky (the cosmos).  We live on earth, accessing the sky, (the cosmos), via technology (telescopes, computers, etc.).  They knew!  We know, but just different ways of perceiving.  One, more ‘direct’ as the sky clearer thousands of years ago, versus now, when shrouded with pollution, thus having to use new artificial means.  Of course, there is the ISS, which eliminates the ‘shroud,’ thus we glimpse the cosmos, as ancient man did (although from an artificial environment).  Again, neither correct or incorrect, just two different ‘perceptions’ creating slightly different realities. Realities, all ‘POV,’ or subjective!
Organized religion, as we know, isn’t any ultimate help understanding the Cosmos, as just ‘one’ way of ‘seeing’ it.  It simplifies, and ‘sells’ such (for money/power).
Rudolf Steiner thought he knew via the Akashic Records, but did he really?  C.J. Jung, said ‘he knew!’  But did he?  It’s how they both created their cosmos, their realities.  It’s great to have no doubt (makes life easier).  But, we don’t’ really ‘no,’ until we ‘shed the body!’
With a body, the ‘journey’ is within, not without!   The ‘solution’ to maybe a better existence is inside our heads, not on the planet Mars.  It is, in our opinion (as we ‘no’ as well) in overcoming the ego (‘I’) and achieving ‘union’ with the ‘total,’ wholeness, the ‘Divine.’   Everything external to us, we should treat as a ‘mirror!’  You should say when looking at an object, be it animate or inanimate, ‘I’ am you, and you are ‘me!’  The more you can identify with being everything, the better!
Why was our Dual existence ‘created,’ as symbolized in ‘The Garden of Eden,’ story, — ego consciousness?  It has to do with evolution of life!
The ‘trick’ now is to overcome by subduing the ego (‘I’) achieving union with the total as described before.  And the ‘key’ to achieving such is IMAGINATION!  English words, however, so inadequate to suggest…
What is ‘imagination?’  The ability to create!  The ability to create new thoughts, new ‘worlds,’ and ‘life’ beyond ‘death.’
This, up to you, us, every individual!
Tantric Taoism

030616 BLOK / T.T.

030616 BLOK / T.T.
IAHCRA… A Spiritual Chronicle of Being…
We over-come physical death with unconditional love!  This was the story of Jesus of Nazareth who became the Christ-Jesus!  You only need imagination.
Imagination more important than knowledge, Albert Einstein said!
There is an entire different existence once, you transcend the Ego, nee unconditional love!
Imagine that!
Tantric Taoism