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30b0516 BLOK / T.T.

30b0516 BLOK / T.T.
We had an elaborate dream last night.  It involved trying to accomplish something with a group of people. In the midst of this ‘challenge,’ ‘I’ was distracted by a vista that stunned me, a range of golden mountains in the distance. I thought to myself, wow, look at this!  And the thought was, why be so concerned with the mundane when there is this to behold?  I will never lose the image of those glowing, golden mountains!  What I saw was my next ‘world,’ after I ‘shed the body!’
This is what is offered in this ‘reality,’ a chance to ‘sea’ the next.  But, so few do, captured by materialism!   Except for the Gnostic Gospels, a la Mary Magdelene’s, religions are of little help accomplishing such.
Tantric Taoism

30a0516 BLOK / T.T.

30a0516 BLOK / T.T.
Two thousand years ago, the sun revolved around the earth, giving those alive, night and day.  Today, the earth rotates, giving us night and day!  Which is better?  We think we know!  We don’t ‘no!’  We ‘yes’ the guess!
As the world turns and changes, so do we, or is the reverse true?  As we change, grow, develop, do we create an evolving existence?
Note, science, just another ‘religion’ to us.  It keeps changing it’s ideas about existence, yet most people take it for ‘Gospel!’
Mankind is so infinitely stupid, thinking he’s smart,
But a fart
In the wind, and
that’s all!
We are what we can imagine.  The problem has been, lack of imagination!  Why, distracted by Evil (Materialism)!  Money/power, Materialism’s God!
Tantric Taoism

130516 BLOK / T.T.

130516 BLOK / T.T.
The Kundalini, is:
The Mother Energy of consciousness and the Anthropos (the mature person)!  It needs to be awakened in each individual.
Its ‘home’ moves around the earth from time to time.
From 2010 to 12,  we moved this THE SERPENT OF LIGHT (Kundalini) from Tibet to Bolivia, from North to South, from East to West.
The Gods (on Mt. Kailas), where it was ‘living’) didn’t like this and have been pursued ever since!
Tantric Taoism

12a0516 BLOK / T.T.

12a0516 BLOK / T.T.
This life,
The Ego Ground,
All around,
Up and down,
Of Duality,
The mustard and the seed,
The sauce,
A lose,
A gain
For what?
To overcome it!
The Ego!
Strive with all your being
To get control of such,
For too much leads
To less!
Tantric Taoism

12a0516 BLOK / T. T.
Esta vida,
El Ego de tierra,
Todo al rededor,
Arriba y abajo,
De la dualidad,
La mostaza y la semilla,
La salsa,
Un pierden,
De nuevo
¿Para qué?
Para salir de ella!
¡El ego!
Se esfuerzan con todo su ser
Para obtener el control de los mismos,
Por demasiado lleva
¡A menos!
tántrico taoísmo

120515 BLOK / T.T.

120515 BLOK / T.T.
A simple explanation of Taoism/Yin-Yang is enantiodromia:  opposites attract one another.
One ‘energy,’ like the weather, or cold/hot, night/day, male/female, ad infinitum seek each other when have gone to their extreme!  This creates a ‘vibration,’ nee the cycles of our dual existence!
And thus, humanity, thrown back and forth, forever tossed from one extreme to the other, suffers.  However, as one grows wiser in terms of consciousness, these extremes lessen as symbolized in the profile of a Norfork Pine tree (crude sketch included or attached).  When young, these swings (branches) swing to greater extremes, but with age and growth they lessen until become, together at the very top, an ‘enlightened nature.’
The solution to the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ that life presents (to humanity), is to get control of the ego (the named ‘I’ want).  This, in so many words/languages, is the goal of all the great philosophies/religions (‘heaven,’ nirvana, our Singularity).
I, a Taoist monk, created Tantric Taoism to accomplish such, using a sexual ‘metawhor,’ to achieve union with the Divine while still in ‘body!’
Tantric TaoismXmastreesym2

120515 BLOK / T. T. (Diego, via Google, and thus maybe no correcto)
Una explicación sencilla del taoísmo / Yin-Yang es enantiodromía: los opuestos se atraen entre sí.
Una “energía”, como el clima, o / calor, noche / día, hombre / mujer fría, hasta el infinito buscar unos a otros cuando han ido a su extremo! Esto crea una “vibración”, nee los ciclos de nuestra existencia dual!
Y así, la humanidad, hacia atrás y hacia adelante, para siempre tiró de un extremo al otro, sufre. Sin embargo, como uno crece más prudente en términos de conciencia, estos extremos disminuyen como se simboliza en el perfil de un árbol de pino Norfork (bosquejo crudo incluido o adjunto). Cuando joven, estas oscilaciones (ramas) giro a mayores extremos, pero con la edad y el crecimiento se reducen hasta llegar a ser, juntos en la parte superior, una “naturaleza iluminada.
La solución a los “golpes y dardos de la fortuna indignante ‘que la vida presenta (a la humanidad), es conseguir el control del ego (el llamado” yo “quiere). Esto, en tantas palabras / idiomas, es el objetivo de todas las filosofías grandes religiones/philosphias (‘heaven’, el nirvana, nuestra singularidad).
Yo, un monje taoísta, creada tántrico taoísmo Para llevar a cabo este tipo, utilizando un ‘metawhor,’ sexual para lograr la unión con la Divinidad cuando aún estaba en’ cuerpo! ‘
tántrico taoísmo

05a0506 BLOK / T.T.

05a0506 BLOK / T.T.
Sometimes I know I’m dying!
Sometimes I know I’m living!
What is life?
What is death?
All in between, the living,
Not knowing which is which,
But, afraid of dying,
When living is the challenge,
Not death,
For it is just another world!
And since we are born, we must exit as we have entered!
This is a Dual ‘world,’
Both life and death!
Beyond, is Singularity!

050516 BLOK / T.T.

050516 BLOK / T.T.
In a way we all lead the ‘knight-errant’ life of Don Quixote in Cervantes’ great novel:  DON QUIXOTE DE LA MANCHA.  We all have ego-illusions about pursuing what, ultimately is worthless: fame and fortune!
It takes the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ (suffering) to overcome being a ‘slave’ of ego exploits!  If we are so fortunate to gain this consciousness during our bodily lives, we don’t have to repeat this folly again!
This is the purpose of bodily life, the grand opportunity that most people fail to realize!  ‘Hell,’ is this material illusion we must wake up from!  From living!
While you still have the opportunity to overcome yourself, pursue this with all your being!  This is the ‘test!’  You can achieve ‘Heaven’ in this life time: union with the Divine, via

02a0516 BLOK / T.T.

02a0516 BLOK / T.T.
Well, I’m here!  But, where is ‘here?’
In my new temporary home, Sonia’s, in Monachil (10KM southeast of Granada, Andalusia, Espana, Europa, Northern Hemisphere, planet Earth)!
With no Internet connection in this house/room I feel cut off from the world.  Maybe this is good!
It took three arduous weeks of moving (from Bolivia), and dealing with the new and different!  A different hemisphere, a different continent, a different country, different cities, cultures, and new people!  Try that sometime when you’re 76-years old and have an ailing liver. I amaze myself, that I’m still alive, and cycling no less.  Yesterday, I cycled up a mountain, some 30 to 40KM, roundtrip.
I read about people dying all the time.  There must be a reason my heart is still beating, why I’m still alive?  To be happy, live a material life, to indulge my ego, I don’t think so!  But, why?  To suffer unto enlightenment!  Most people wouldn’t understand!  Rudolph Steiner would!   C.G. Jung, would!  Some others might…
Our bodily life, a fleeting moment in time that most people waste (distracted by the mundane).  They don’t know even why they’re ‘here!’  And where is ‘here?’  The existence you collaborate creating, with ‘the Other.’   Is there an ‘objective’ reality? The only question to be answered, did ‘God’ create us, or have we created ‘God?’  I’m still not sure — the Mstery.  But, I know there is Something, the unnamed, the Tao!  Something other than this very limited existence (Dual in nature.)!
This life is ultimately a mystery — we can’t know as long as we’re confined in a body!  Jung said he ‘knew,’ creating his reality!  If only he could be reincarnated and tell us what he ‘knew!’  I think I do as well;  that I ‘know,’ and thus my reality!
I began as a typical male, middle-class Norte Americano, wanting fortune/fame, and the pretty girl!  I almost killed myself (and others) trying to achieve ‘that obscure object of desire.’  I was never able to achieve material ‘success,’ thanks to the ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses!’ But, I was able to achieve something much more valuable, an understanding of myself, people, life, the world!  I don’t claim ‘enlightenment,’ but I’m close.
I know the ‘journey’ is inward, not outward!  And I have ‘traveled’ to very near the center of my soul!   This is why suffering is important!  You can’t get ‘there’ without suffering, as Jesus did on the Cross!  That was his message, a metaphor:  you too can achieve such, ‘eternal life.’  But, you have to ‘die’ of the ego-body first!  Steiner understood, and Dr. Jung as well!  And now I do!
Maybe that’s why I’m still alive, I haven’t yet gotten entire control of my ‘ego!’   Yet, suffering more (with my ailing liver), I’m getting closer and closer!   To what end?  To achieve ‘eternal life!’   The material body goes, the Spirit, never born, never dies!
Tantric Taoism