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201215 BLOK

201215 BLOK
What is it to be an atheist?  A believer?
What is God?  The Australian Aborigines say it is everything, they call it ONENESS.
Is there an objective reality?
Did we create God or did God create us?
Questions I ponder…
I know one thing for sure, at least for me, there is an ‘outside’ (?) force or energy that is involved in my life.  Too many things have happened to me to deny such.  But, is this force, or energy, universal?
Certainly when we consider our existence, Nature, the cosmos, pretty amazing!
How did all of this happen?
Why are we here with consciousness?
Is there a purpose to all of this?
I don’t think humanity is all that important in the scheme of things, although I contradict myself.  I think we’re failing the test!  But, what is the test?
I believe the questions are more important than the answers!
Life is a mystery, unsolved until we shed the body (ego).
As I might have told you I’m a Taoist monk.  I took vows in a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2006.  And under very unusual circumstances.  I should tell you the story sometime.

081215 BLOK / T.T.

081215 BLOK / T.T.
The path of the white man had to be, with all its negativity, evil, violence/war and suffering!  It was the way of evolution, as unconsciousness (the Creator) sought consciousness with the birth of Duality.  This, symbolized in the Christian GARDEN OF EDEN Myth.  Of course, man blamed women, and God, in the Christian Bible, lamented what travail this would cause.  But, it had to be, to know ‘the other,’ and honor our Creator (some call God).  Explained, by the Aborigines of Australia, in a different way (from Margo Morgan’s MUTANT MESSAGE FROM FOREVER):  “In songs and dances the story unfolded to say that in the beginning, in the time before time (the Tao), there was nothing until the Dream of Oneness (birth of Duality).   The Dreamtime consciousness expanded to include a layer of energy that received the gift of free will (the ego). This allowed the layer of energy, the ancestor spirits, to join in the co-creation of the Dream.”  Humanity has the opportunity to honor its Creator!
Ego consciousness was necessary for the evolution of humankind, the ‘price,’ suffering (as Jesus taught by dying on the cross — in metaphor). But, all that is asked of humanity, so privileged, is to be aware of such and to honor IT!
By, AD 2015, we are reaching the limit, the extreme, of ignoring IT (the male ego out of control).  Enantiodromia decrees such as opposites attract each other in Duality.  Thus, the reverse is in the process of happening;  from male ego dominance, to THE DEVINE FEMALE!
The path taken, with the birth of Duality, had to be to arrive at this point in humanity evolution:  the next cycle, THE AGE OF KALKI, THE AGE OF THE GUAN YIN!
In the next so many months the current level of violence and suffering with escalate to the point of a worldwide ‘explosion-implosion,’ humanity overtaken by ‘the Other!’   This will be a different Age, hardly foreseen.  It will be similar to THE GARDEN OF EDEN, but in which the male (ego) is relegated to a secondary role (in life).  The Divine Female will rule hearts and minds, like never before (at least in the last seven-thousand years of human history).  It will be as the Australian Aborigines lived before the white man (evil) came.  It will be paradise returned, but with a greater consciousness!
Rejoice, as it’s beginning to happen now!
Tantric Taoism

05a1215 BLOK / T.T.

05a1215 BLOK / T.T.
Jesus said, I HAVE NOT COME TO BRING PEACE, BUT THE SWORD!  Now, why would that be…?
The ‘gift’ of the Garden (of Eden), Duality, ego consciousness, was ultimately the revelation to human beings, that there was a CREATOR (monkey and elephants don’t know about this).  That, something that had created this, thought it would be useful that we knew, and that it was possible to become IT with consciousness!
But, consciousness (bevoustsein in German, and conocimientos in Spanish) comes with the ‘price!’ of the ‘sword!’  But, the ‘sword cuts’ both ways!  No death and destruction, no life and creation!
In 2015, we are at the bottom of a ‘well,’ looking up.  But, take heart as one extreme (in Duality) always attracts ‘the Other!’  And ‘the Other’ in this ‘case’ is the opposite of the male ego, THE DEVINE FEMALE!
From Irene Nemirovksy:
“O Mother (The Guan Yin)!  Let me see your face while the storm rages!  The sky has darkened the Earth, but a radiant dawn approaches!  Smile, Oh, kind Mother.  See how your children need you as they follow hope to peace and happiness!  Lead us to form a blissful circle around ONENESS restoring hope in our hearts!”
Tantric Taoism

021215 BLOK / T.T.

021215 BLOK / T.T.
Here is a description of SINGULARITY (in this novel labeled an ‘out of body experience):
“With a single last bang of the bronze drum, all the souls in No Name Place were jolted out of their bodies, my friend’s souls too.  Were we dead?  Had thy been shot?  They did not feel wounded.  They felt bigger and lighter!  (Note, this happened to me personally when I’d taken DMT.)  They seemed to see themselves, not their physical bodies, but their own thoughts and truths, as if there were a mind mirror that could reflect such things.  They all had those mirrors.  Now, that they were outside their bodies, they could hear without the distortions of ears, speak without the tangle of tongues, see without the blinders of experience.  They were open portals to many minds and the mind flew into the soul, and the soul was contained in the minds of everyone.  They knew this was not normal, and yet it was natural.  They struggled for words to describe what they felt, that they were every thought they had every had and those of others, an open repository containing bright particles and endless strands, microscopic stars and infinite trajectories, endless constellations that were holograms within holograms, the invisible as visible, the impossible as obvious, the greatest knowledge now effortlessly known, and the greater knowledge was love!
Tantric Taoism