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301115 BLOK / T.T.

301115 BLOK / T.T.
With life you have to have the strength to suffer what it brings, the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!’
One must survive, suffering to enjoy its opposite, the gifts it brings!
If no weakness, no strength!
If no suffering, no joy!
Can we have one, without the other,
Tantric Taoism

291115 BLOK / T.T.

291115 BLOK / T.T.
The idea, from SAVING FISH FROM DROWNING by Amy Tan
pp..238 (paraphrased):
Death is not a loss of life, but the culmination of a series of releases!
It is the process of devolving into less and less!  You release yourself from vanity, desire, ambition, suffering nee frustration — all the accoutrements of the ‘I,’ or Ego!  And when you do, you ‘disappear,’ leaving no trace, like mist as the sun rises over a lake!
This evaporation into nothingness is nirvana!
Tantric Taoism

20a1115 BLOK / T.T.

20a1115 BLOK / T.T.
From THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough,
pp. 500,
A great description of human destiny.  This, the theme of this saga, a novel:
“Each of us has something within us which won’t be denied, even if it makes us scream aloud to die!  We are what we are, that’s all!
Like the old Celtic Legend of the bird with the thorn in its breast (the Amfortas Wound), singing its heart out and dying! Because it has to, it’s driven to…
We can know what we do wrong even before we do it, but self-knowledge can’t affect or change the out-come, can it?
Everyone singing his own little song, convinced its the most wonderful song the world has ever heard.  Don;t you see?  We create our own thorns (pain), and never stop to count the cost!   All we can do is suffer the pain and tell ourselves it was well worth it!”
Note, I think I would add something to this… That, that ‘something in us that won’t be denied,’ is not of our own doing (the ego’s), but of the Gods, or God, the Force, or whatever concept-word you choose to describe it the ‘Other.’  We are not totally in control of our destinies!
Certainly, not in my own case!  My ego wanted something desperately, but the ‘Other,’ would not let it be!  Thus, I don’t believe in ‘Free Will,’ it’s an illusion!  I assume Ms. McCullough believes in ‘Free Will?’
Pain exists in human life, as we can’t have pleasure without it!  How would we know?
We can’t be redeemed without suffering!  This, is what Jesus was trying to teach us, by dying on the Cross!  Not for our sins, but for our only sin of UNconsciousness — to evolve, to grow, to become Anthropos (completely human)!  Jung said the only sin is unconsciousness — and so true!
Thus, if you seek understanding of what life is really all about, WAKE UP!
Open the doors of perception!
Awaken the Nous!
Allow the Pneuma to enter you!

09e1115 BLOK / T.T.

09e1115 BLOK / T.T.
The future deceives us when NOW is what is important!  The future get us to move, however, as life is action, whether it kills us or not.  The ‘future’ is opposite of NOW and attracts, as in enantiodromia (Duality).
NOW is Singularity!  So be still until there is nothing!
Tantric Taoism

04a1115 BLOK / T.T.

04a1115 BLOK / T.T.
How to solve a delimma:
From THE MAPPING OF LIFE AND DEATH, by Jacqueline Winspear
“When you are sitting in silence, you open the door to a deeper wisdom;  the knowing of the ages.
When walking or cycling you find that an idea, a thought, a notion, comes to you, and you have the solution to a problem that seemed insoluble.
Tantric Taoism