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280215 BLOK / T.T

280215 BLOK / T.T

Loving, without possessing, is unconditional, giving without expectations — it’s called

Love, the real kind.  Not the conditional (expecting) kind — in males, lust, in females, need!

The unconditional kind is Supreme Bliss!

The Gospel according to The Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism

P.S.  Too much war-violence is now attracting peace and less violence.  Everything in Duality is in the process of reversing, most prominently:  North to South, Male to Female, and War to Peace.




Tantric Taoism, how to overcome yourself, the ego, generally the first part of life, suffering y/our unconsciousness — projecting all evil outside y/ourselves.  When, in fact,  it’s you (us) that must change, grow, develop!

That’s the opportunity life offers…

Most people don’t, distracting themselves with material comfort!  Capitalism no ally of consciousness!

F.A. Hutchison