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14a1113 BLOK / T.T.

14a1113 BLOK / T.T.
We will disappear 
On the flight of wings,
A mystery to behold!
Are we ‘hear’ at all, or 
Just dreaming?
Am I a man dreaming
I’m a dreamer, or a 
Dreamer dreaming he’s
A man?
Getting beyond words with words
Is the definition of irony, whatever that means?
So, hypnotize yourself, wherever that means?
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  Faith, is letting go and accepting things as they are.  This is non-action in action!  Power!

141113 BLOK / T.T.

141113 BLOK / T.T.
it’s the ‘I,’ the Ego, the name(d) that’s the problem in this dual world–unconsciousness!
The more you can identify with the Spirit the better!
Ease into ‘shedding the body,’ (your death), 
Why be shocked?
I’m not my body!
I’m not my name!
I’m not the material!
I’m not the turf!
I’m not the surf!
I’m not the game!
I’m not the same!
I’m not the win!
I’m not the loss!
I’m not the toss!
I’m not the dream!
I’m not the team!
I’m not of earth!
I’m full of mirth!
I’m not the dough!
You’ll say, Oh!
I’m not of sin!
I’m not your kin!
I’m not to work!
I’m not to play!
I’m not of the day,
Or, the ‘knight,’
Nor everything in ‘site!’
I wield no sword,
I’m of the Lord!
I’m not my name!
I’m not my body!

Tantric Taoism 

30b1013 BLOK

30b1013 BLOK Miercoles (Wednesday)
Two unusual things happened today.  One, the water-bottle people showed up, surprising me, of course.  We thought we’d lost them.  Edgar was out finding another company to deliver for me.  Note, the tap water here, which comes in a truck, and stored in a tank under my patio, isn’t safe.  For drinking water we purchase 20 liter bottles for 12Bs., or $1.50U.S.  But, these have to be delivered, and I was two weeks behind as we had lost the company somehow.
Secondly, I had two teeth cavities filled by Jhovanna, my female dentist.  It was all completely painless, and only cost $20U.S.  In the U.S. this would be something like $100-200U.S. 
The medical system in the U.S. a complete conspiracy against the laity.  I think what the medical system pulls in every year rivals the U.S. military budget, the pharmo. companies worth billions!
At some point I stopped in to pick up Senor Fetes, who I’d left with Alvaro/La Bicicleta Aventura.  The rear derailleur not working after he’d tried to adjust it.  I’d noticed it was unable to reach the last fastest gear (smallest cogwheel).  He didn’t want any dinero for his work, and when this happens, I try to buy something as a way to pay them.  BUT, $40U.S. GLOVES…?  No way, could I afford them.  Funny, I thought they were 40Bs, or $6U.S., but no, $40U.S. or 280Bs.  They last pair I paid something like 10Bs. (in Lima, Peru).  La Bicicleta on Av. Santa Cruz, is good but expensive. 
I managed to cycle up Av. Los Roebles hill, and straight up with no rest stops.  The derailleur slipped only once, so good going, Alvaro!  Av. Los Roebles is a 2KM in length 7-8% grade hill of which I live at the end of… Fast down, slow up, and every day.  But, I’m getting stronger for such and this day hardly out of breath when I reached my gate, although I was carrying no great weight.  Progress!  You just keep trying!