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30a0713 BLOK / T.T.

30a0713 BLOK /  T.T.
What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, Hell, from dropping the chicken on the sidewalk to, on the war path after Coco.  
Today, Heaven!  Suddenly, our T.T. program changed the energy, and negative became positive.
Note, everything is reversing:  Male to Female, North to South, War to Peace, Destruction to Creation, East to West, Night to Day, the male giving birth…  The Yin Qi has risen!
The weather perfect, sunny but cool in the shade, nary a cloud nor a wisp of wind.  But, now and then a breeze to cool you off if sitting in that laser-like Mother Sun!  At this south latitude, July/January, the most oblique angle, it can burn you faster than popcorn!  Bolivians hide from Inti, I relish in it!  I suffered through La Paz, for six months of rainy cold, in the summer no less.  Now winter, I’m glad I’m not there.
But, this day in Cochabamba, of Ramiro re-plastering the outside wall, making lentil soup, meeting Angelo, trying out the new stuff, taking a hike up the hill (3KM, up and down in two hours), adding up to perfection!  A little shaky, the hike, but I persevered!  
Tantric Taoism

P.S.  After two weeks battling Giardia (single cells parasites that like hanging out in your small intestine).  I thought the discomfort was just some bacteria, taking anti-biotics (a mistake), becoming dehydrated, spending all nights on the toilet, trust me, I’m suddenly a happy camper.  Feeling good, that’s the goal always.  Of course, this means mentally, as well as physically.  Actually they’re the same thing!  There’s always a mental element in every physical manifestation.

29a0713 BLOK / T.T.

29a0713 BLOK / T.T.
Silence attracts noise,
Noise, silence.
Winning attracts losing,
Losing, winning.
Consciousness attracts unconsciousness,
Unconsciousness, consciousness.
We always desire what we don’t have,
Yet, we never appreciate it, until it’s gone!

Tantric Taoism 

270713 BLOK / T.T.

270713 BLOK /  T.T.
‘I’ love ‘hearing’ nothing,
The Guan Yin,
That ‘sound’ in your mind, no not
This, the ‘sound’ like electricity,
The simultaneous orgasm of
Everybody, and
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism