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23b0613 BLOK / T.T.

23b0613 BLOK / T.T.
They thought it was impossible, although there are other species where the male gets pregnant and gives birth:  For example, “The Syngnathidae family of fish (seahorse) has the unique characteristic of a highly derived form of male brood care referred to as “male pregnancy.'”  
With human beings it’s never happened until now!  But, fiction is becoming ‘non-fiction!’   Now, the first human male has become ‘pregnant,’ and is giving ‘birth!’  The roles are reversing, male to female.
Everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to female!
North to south!
East to west!
Bad to good!
Day to night!
Male to female!

Tantric Taoism!

23a0613 BLOK / T.T.

23a0613  BLOK / T.T.
The Honeymoon continues on this Full Moon morning (23 Junio 2013)!  So special this moment as everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to Female (with the male giving birth)
North to South (the magnetic poles reversing)
East to West (the Kundalini shifted from Tibet to Bolivia)
War to Peace (less violence)
Day to Night (male to female)!
It’s begun, this new Female Cycle the
Age of the Guan Yin!

Tantric Taoism

230613 BLOK / T.T.

230613 BLOK / T.T.
Ask yourselves a question… What is the last thing you want to be thinking about the moment before you ‘shed the body’ (die)?  The last thought, word, image, or thing you’ll be conscious of, before losing consciousness.  It lasts for eternity!
Solve this now!

Tantric Taoism 

22d0613 BLOK / T.T.

22d0613 BLOK / T.T.
People have a great capacity to love, but also a great capacity to hate, as well!  Once negative emotions are engaged, trouble.  This is why the Buddhists say that emotions can be destructive!   But, how to control?  Meditation and chanting, they would recommend. The less evolved lose control, nee violence, conflict and ultimately war.  And there’s so much of it in the world today, Junio, 2013, too much!  STOP THE VIOLENCE!
The solution… evolution, higher consciousness!  But, how to achieve?  Let us hope we have time enough to evolve, before destroying ourselves!  But, I think it was Carl Sagan, who wrote that civilizations don’t outlive their technology.  The fact that we developed nuclear weapons shows how unevolved we really are!  We’re beneath, behind, our four-legged friends, as they don’t do such nonsense.
Is it a way of helping to reduce over population, this violence, wars?  Maybe, but we can go too far in that direction, and one wonders, when the last of us goes, will we have been here at all?
Look around the world, in the media at least, and what to you notice?  Unrest, conflict, violence, war, and suffering!   You see it on the children’s faces!  Yet, no adult seems all that concerned about everyone’s children.  What will they be like as adults having lived through hell as children?
We need to develop our capacity to love, which is ultimately sacrifice for others, forgiveness or ourselves and others, understanding and accepting difference, giving generously even when we don’t have it to give, and kindness to strangers!  This has to come from the heart, it’s a giving that makes the recipient feel safe, of being cared for, of someone else concerned about their wellbeing.  Love, in a word!  We only, add one ‘wor(l)d,’ unconditional!  Unconditional love!

Tantric Taoism

200613 BLOK / T.T.

200613 BLOK / T.T.
If you read the media in 2013, you realize we’ve become lost in a overly technical, left-brained, engineering kind of world.  We’re so disconnected from our Mother Earth we’ve become pathologically insane, lost!  
You should read some of these articles expounding the Great God of hi-tech!  Scientists seeks technical solutions, they know little of the Spiritual world. 
Let’s say for the Economy, which isn’t a science, but an art form and/or philosophy:  You can start with ‘people act!’   Now it’s ‘The Marginal Propensity To Consume.’  We’ve been turned into robotic consumers, everything counted, analyzed, debated, written about, and all for the Greater God, money!  We’re lost!
Life should be simple, fun and most of all Spiritual (like our Native Americans lived)!  We’re disconnected having ‘pulled the plug,’ and now live in Darkness.
‘Butt,’ guess what?  We’ve been saved!  Not from Jesus returning , but by Enantiodromia!  The fact that opposites attract!  The Yang (male) went to its extreme and now the reverse, the Yin (female) ultimately in control, with males (yang) the ones giving birth to offspring. 
In this cycle, the Age of Kalki, the Age of The Guan Yin, the yinchi rules!
Everything is in the process of reversing:
Male to Female.
North to South.
East to West.
War to Peace.
Sun to Moon.
Night to Day.
How many can you add, as you’re involved too?
Bad to good maybe,
Hate to Love?

Tantric Taoism