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28f0413 BLOK / T.T.

28f0413  BLOK / T.T.
This existence, Duality (1s & 0s) is just ‘won’ reality.  There are many, but the ‘mejor,’ to open the
Door, is:
The Guan Yin,
Unconditional Love.
Jesus brought the concept of love into existence,
We add unconditional to loving!
In the beginning was the thought!
Next, the word.
Next, the no-word,
Tantric Taoism

28e0413 BLOK / T.T.

28e0413 BLOK / T.T.
You can identify the undeveloped masses, as they are trapped by their own culture.  They aren’t able to escape religion or family.  Being a parent keeps them in perpetual bondage.  They prefer groups to being alone.  Solitude, and silence bothers them, as they live talking, yelling, in a cacophony of confusion.  They need constant chatter, prisoners of their mobile telephones.  The connection assuages their fears (they’re not alone). They are children to the grave, not understanding or questioning why they were ‘here’ and had a body.   This question is left to philosophers, like us.
Millennium after Millennium they ‘bang out’ children like animals, more and more, until we run our of resources.  And then what…?
It’s called lack of consciousness!
I try to wake people up, but they don’t want, as illusions preferred to my truth!
Yet, there is hope in the new Age of Kalki, The Guan Yin, as everything is beginning to reverse:
Male to female.
War to peace.
North to south.
Night to day.
This is the future!  But, how long and for how long, we do ‘knot no.’  Could be an hour, a week, a Millennium, we don’t know.  But, maybe better ‘knot two!’
Tantric Taoism

28d0413 BLOK

28d0413 BLOK
From Genesis; the Christian Bible:  ‘There were giants on the earth in those days!’  Could these be ‘aliens?’  Maybe they snuck in here, and infected us with the Ego, as they knew it would cause our demise.  We blamed women, but maybe we were wrong in doing so…

28c0413 BLOK / T.T.

28c0413  BLOK / T.T.
Here’s a tip for better living…
Instead of living controlled by your Ego, learn to let go, and let IT.
IT communicates with you by symbols (‘sign’s pointing to the divine’).  Learn to recognize them, these are ‘signals’ suggesting what to do.
Most people stumble around controlled by the Ego (wants and desires), and lead quiet lives of desperation!
Be different, take the ‘road less traveled!’  Be brave and really live rather than just existing!
Tantric Taoism 

28a0413 BLOK / T.T.

28a0413 BLOK  / T.T.
It’s the male energy that’s caused all the violence, wars, pain and suffering in general.  The male Ego out of control, and it needs to go, yo, bro!  Can’t compromise?   It’s already happening!  It’s too late now, everything is Gnisrever!
Tantric Taoism

26b0413 BLOK / T.T.

26b0413 BLOK / T.T.
The world convulsed over Communism in the the 20th Century.  German ‘sold,’ Fascism, trying to eliminate an entire group of people.  Hitler and Nazi Germany ultimately got crushed!  Then the U.S. worried about Communism taking over the world and taking our white women!
Both, Fascism and Communism had to do with Germany, as Marx from Germany. Hitler moved to Germany from Austria.  There’s a joke about Germany:  ‘It takes one German to jerk off, two Germans to make love, and three Germans to make war!’  Forgive me, Rucha!
Then came Lenin and Stalin.  The U.S. worried about Russia (U.S.S.R.) and they worried about the U.S.  It became a ‘cold’ war! 
The Christians ‘freaked out’ about Godless Communism taking over the world!  They invented McCarthy.  We, dope-smoking ‘Beats,’ reinvented poetry and in the process brought forth rock ‘n roll (Bill Haley and the Comets).
The U.S. via covert C.I.A. started sticking their nose into every country’s business, sniffing out those nasty Communists!   Millions of innocent people were killed in the crossfire.  Oh well, what price our white women!
Religion, ideology good for one thing:  They help to reduce human population!  Nature does the same thing with all living species.  ‘War’ seems to be a part of the human ‘nature.’ 
Now, the 21st Century cometh with ‘9/11,’ etc.  There’s mass paranoia on an unprecedented scale about another ‘enemy,’ terrorism!  It’s about as bad as it gets, the entire world teetering on the edge of the abyss.
But, fear not! 
Everything is reversing:  Male to female, North to South, night to day, war to peace, destruction to construction, as the Female Energy takes ‘hold.’ 
The Yin-qi is rising, and the Yang-qi is decreasing, as the Kalki (Guan Yin) Cycle gains momentum.  It only started in February (2013).  Who knows how long this will take, or last, as this energy only switches when one, or the other opposite reaches its extreme!   The Male Energy reached its extreme on 122112.  This is what the Maya Calendar meant by ‘ending:’  The end of the Male and the beginning of the Female.
So, rejoice and sing, ‘Oh, the times they are achangin’!’  And chant:
Female Energy!
Female Energy!
Female Energy,
Tantric Taoim