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30g0812 BLOK / T.T.

30g0812 BLOK / T.T.
Get out of that bed and sleep closer to the ground, your source, Mother Earth!  You’ll be surprised at the energy you absorb, how much better you’ll feel (when you get used to the real thing)!
Can you imagine people sleeping in high-rise apartments up so far from the earth they ‘disconnect.’  How low a frequency they must have…
I remember the last time I allowed this, I was in China.  My host family in Shanghai gave me a room on the 26th floor.  I never slept well.
Sleep as close to the Earth as you can!
Tantric Taoism

30e0812 BLOK / T.T.

30e0812 BLOK / T.T.
Notice the Third Eye (middle of the forehead, the Sixth Chakra). 
This is what is ‘penetrated’ ultimately!  The compassion seed penetrating the wise egg; nee conception!
Everything vibrating
The birth of unconditional love (agape),
Supreme Bliss,
The feeling beyond feeling,
The sound beyond sound,
The Guang Yin!
This is the goal!

30d0812 BLOK / T.T.

30d0812 BLOK / T.T.
The ‘Guang Yin’ is a kaleidoscope of no sound!
It is the total vibration of everything,
You can’t be ‘alive’ (have a body) without it.  In Western Culture this is called this the ‘Silver Thread.’  If ‘cut,’ you lose the body!
But, when you lose the body you vibrate with it!
Tantric Taoism

300812 BLOK / T.T. (Dedicated to Rotraut Boyens)

300812 BLOK / T.T. (Dedicated to Rotraut Boyens)
In the beginning was a thought…  What do you suppose that first thought was…? The first thought that the first homo sap. ever had, the very first?  Did it come before or after Duality (Ego Consciousness)?  It must have come before.  ‘Eve!’  She must have heard this in her mind… ‘Eve! go to the Tree of Knowledge and eat the apple!’  ‘What?’  ‘Humanity to come needs to know about its Creator!’
Animals, ‘pre-wired’ act, drink, eat, fight, copulate, roaming for food, etc.  But, they don’t think about a Creator (Or, who knows, maybe they do?).
When wo/man had evolved enough, God decided it was time for them to know.  But, in order for them to ‘know,’ they had to recognize ‘the other,’ something else recognized as not apart of themselves, something greater!  
This, recognition, is symbolized in ‘The Garden of Eden’ Myth, the birth of ego consciousness and ‘the other’ (I, me, and who is that over there, but you?).  Duality, or Dual existence:  wo/man-God (the Creator).  Eve, to Adam, that ‘Hey, you’re different than me!’  Of course the Christian Bible nee Church has made this a ‘sin,’ coupled with guilt in order to control wo/mankind.  It’s even written that ‘God lamented!’  In fact, it was God’s idea! 
The second thought-word (of Eve’s) was ‘Why?’  It’s the question that drives life!  We’ve been asking ‘why?’ ever since!
Now, the task (for humanity) is to return to ‘The Garden,’ but with greater consciousness.
This process begins, 12.12-21.12.  But, it will take time for wo/man to develop this consciousness (higher frequency).  That’s the test, however… Can we survive ourselves, the destructive technology we’re created, to achieve such, to pass God’s test?
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  And, what was the third thought-word spoken?

29a0812 BLOK / T.T.

29a0812 BLOK / T.T. 
Raoul brought up the subject of ‘love.’ 
But, the English word ‘love,’ is too general and undefined.
We have added ‘unconditional’ to the idea of lov-ing.  This defining an action of giving, caring, sacrificing, as a mother does for her children. 
Jesus, was the first Prophet in history who brought the concept of ‘love’ into the equation.  We add ‘unconditional’ as ‘loving’ without expectations:  you act, you give, caring enough to sacrifice for somebody or thing.  You expect nothing in return, at least consciously!  You just do it (as Nike exhorts).  This is what love is, in our opinion!   The romantic kind (lust/need), for the opposite gender, is what we call ‘Nature’s Joke’ (propagating the species). 
Romantic love (desire) was needed when there were only two, maybe a million of us.  But, now with 7+ billion, with dwindling resources to support, we need metanoia!
The ‘evolving’ which you and I understand that is coming (12.12.-21.12), shifting male energy (negative) to female energy (positive) is about the ‘birthing’ of Unconditional Love!  The union of compassion and wisdom!
Tantric Taoism.

260812 BLOK / T.T.

260812 BLOK / T.T.
Last night I dreamt I had opted to be killed.  Not an execution, just a way of stopping the body.  A metaphor for metamorphosis.
Dreams, they are the true ‘reality!’  Duality, the dream!
Wake up, people, for God’s sake!  That’s what your life is about, ‘waking up,’ from the Dream (Duality).
The Buddhists say this, we (Tantric Taoists) say this!