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27b0712 BLOK / T.T.

27b0712 BLOK / T.T.
Capitalism #102 Lesson #2:
People try to survive, and survive as best as they can!  Nothing new here… We’re ‘programmed’ like the 4-leggeds to live out our lives as fate decrees.  Darwin, added an element to surviving… He wrote the ‘fittest,’ are more likely to succeed.  But, what exactly does ‘fittest’ mean?  We’re all competing for the same resources, and this is O.K.  It’s when the Ego starts thinking that it is ‘God,’ that problems begin.  I suppose if we suggested ‘sharing,’ we’d be called Communists!   There are some people who want everything, and are not willing to share… 
The idea of ‘profit,’ came from the Ego, way back when, maybe Adam Smith, the Industrial Devolution (we call it) or some such, the idea that, that was the goal, to garner, hoard, and otherwise covet more for yourself in the course doing business (commerce).   I can’t argue with that, as it seems to motivate people.  But, it’s when this goes too far, as it has during the first decade of the Third Millennium, that out of control, has caused the ‘bubble to burst,’ plunging us back into an unpleasant reality… In 2012, cities, countries, businesses, are failing, and there is some dread in the air.   What to do?  How to stop the bleeding?  Nobody, especially the Economists, really know what to do.  They still see Economics as a ‘science,’ and oh woe be unto us… 
There’s a limit to growth (what capitalism is based on).  At this point in history we have too many people chasing dwindling resources, nees wars over oil, land/sea, water, and ultimately air!  That is, if we don’t pull back from the brink and evolve, maybe having changed our way of thinking…  We’re at a crossroads…
What about something crazy, whereby it was a ‘win-win’ for all and everywhere?  And this begins simply by sharing more, giving more, less judging, and ultimately, when others (strangers) are just as important as us, family and friends!   
This is possible and beginning 12.12021.12!
Remember the ‘I Love You!’  campaign-suggestion… Only two of you responded at all… 
What if?  John Lennon asked!    

25b0712 BLOK / T.T.

25b0712 BLOK / T.T.
From ‘The Flounder’ a novel, by ‘Gunter’ Grass:
On page #47, Grass quotes Ernst Bloch (who in turn is quoting ‘The Philosopher’ (I surmise is Rene Descartes?): 
“I am!  But, I do not have myself!” (Meaning there are 2 things, parts, ‘you and me’ — Duality.).  “Therefore, we are still in the process of becoming one!”  (Still in Duality.).  But, ask yourselves… Why Duality, what purpose did it have in human history (We lived in ‘The Garden of Eden’ before!)?
‘The Flounder,’  the mythological Shaman in Grass’ novel, gives up on the male gender as too stupid to understand:  The Flounder shifts his allegiance from the male (yang) gender to helping the female gender (Yin).  He states emphatically:
“Let this day mark the beginning of a new era!  Let power change its sex, from male to female!  This is my Fundamental Principle!  Let the women take over!  There’s no other way of giving the world, this poor world, hope!  And why?  Because the world became the play thing of enfeebled and degenerate men.  But, now we’re going to go in a new direction, a feminine direction!”
This passage from the Grass novel, ‘The Flounder,’ another confirmation of our Pilgrimage, as we’ve discussed.  This is the second validation, the first a book entitled, ‘The Serpent of Light,’ by Drunvalo Melchizedek.  Melchizedek describes the Spiritual Energy shifting from Kailas/Tibet (yang/male) to South America (yin/female)…  And we’re a part of this, and have been since 2005, at Blanca Peak (Sissnijaani) in southeastern Colorado, U.S.A. 
The new Age of Kalki, in Hinduism begins 12.12-21.12.  It’s not the end of the world, but the end of the Age of Kali.  As ‘The Flounder says in the Grass novel, ‘Let power change its sex!’  And thus hope!
Tantric Taoism

23b0712 BLOK / T.T (‘Lesson #4)

23b0712 BLOK / T.T (‘Lesson #4)
You learn to get control of your Ego with Spiritual Intercourse!   The goal, Union with the Divine (Lover).
And to do this you must learn to ‘step on,’ your ego, relegating it to a secondary position!  It’s what’s separating you from the Divine!   The Christians call it the ‘Devil!’ Native Americans called it ‘Coyote!’ It has many names, demons, etc.
My/our personal ‘wons’ are from Shambala, as we’ve taken their power (energy) and am moving it from Tibet/East (yang) to South America/West (yin).  But, we will win the ‘battle!’ 
‘Too becoming ‘won!’
‘Going back and forth,
Until we are
Lost in 
Each other,
‘Knot noing’ 
Which is which,
‘Butt knot’ 
Really caring,
As experiencing:
Supreme Bliss!
All at once,
Tantric Taoism

230712 BLOK / T.T.

230712 BLOK / T.T. 
Spiritual Intercourse is simply union with the Divine (Lover)!  It’s spiritual, rather than physical ‘sex.’  It’s being to being, ‘knot’ organ to organ. 
Ming bai ma?