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BLOK 310512 / T.T.

BLOK 310512 / T.T.
‘I’ feel either good, or less than, depending on my perception of ‘my’ worth, ‘my’ value (externally) — the Ego is involved ‘hear,’ but with a purpose.
The Oceans are made up of an imperceptible number of drops of water. A drop of water is not the Ocean, nor is the Ocean a drop of water!  Why are ‘we’ drawn to oceans (water) from which we came?  The estrangement is painful (separation), so why do we suffer?  Simply, Duality (separation, distinction) was created, or evolved, so that a ‘drop’ might ‘no’ the ocean.  IT wanted ‘us’ to ‘no,’  of IT and this couldn’t happen without this ‘distinction.’  ‘It’s’ design is the totality of consciousness — one huge ‘thing’ indivisible.  This is an example of the ‘hole’ is greater than the sum of its parts!
But, ‘we’ have ‘painted us into a corner!’  ‘We’ are, in fact, a parable, wrapped in an enigma, and disguised as an imbroglio!   The IT, we think is IT, is ‘knot’ IT!  From a book entitled, ‘Body and Mind,’ by William McDougall (copy., 1911):  “Like the word ’cause,’ the word ‘God,’ are but theoretical stop-gaps–they mark a place and claim definitions for a future explanation to occupy.”
This is why ‘Religion(s) are the opiate of the masses!’  (Thank you, Karl Marx)  They simplify existence, they offer a paradigm of understanding, that makes ‘belief’ more important than trying to understand (to ‘no’).
So, what is the goal of life?  In ‘our’ opinion it is to seek, to learn, to grow, to change, to evolve, to become IT!  AND BRINGING TO ‘IT’ A GREATER CONSCIOUSNESS!  Why else do we have a body?
But, the ‘consciousness,’ we think is ‘consciousness’ is not ‘consciousness!’
Life is the ultimate ‘mystery’ and we can’t ‘no’ the ultimate ‘truth’ until we ‘shed the body!’
Tantric Taoism offers a solution in the meantime, the way to communion with the divine, a ‘rare moment of ecstasy:’  From the same book mentioned above:  “The soul resembles God in its unity (wholeness).  By its possession of a ‘center,’ (Duality) arises the possibility of communion with the ‘One,’ (Singularity). This communion, which represents an apprehension of a unique kind, is achieved only during rare moments of ecstasy!”

30b0512 BLOK / T.T.

30b0512 BLOK / T.T.
‘I no’ that in this Dual existence there is the ‘pleasant’ and the ‘unpleasant.’ And that ‘we collaborate’ in the ‘discovery’ of everything!  Free Will is an illusion, the Ego (‘I’) clinging to enjoy.  Note, if ‘you’ don’t agree with this now, if you develop and grow wiser (more consciousness), you will ultimately.  Study philosophy, the greats all understood this (that there is no Free Will).
Thus, unsensed by the 5, comes the possibility (potential) to participate with the ‘Other’ (nee whatever ‘wor(l)d’ you want to use)!
We think things are the way we ‘sense’ (rational), but there is much more going on than that!
Most live in the ‘literal,’  poets live in the ‘figurative!’
And so, ‘my crank’ on existence…
And our, ‘Tantric Taoism’
P.S.  Most people don’t spend time to think, just react (inculcated from parents, school, culture, government, money, etc.).  This, to me is the ‘curse’ of modern life since roughly the year, 1600.  But, I also understand that ‘the ‘curse’ I call the ‘curse’ is not the ‘curse!’

30a0512 BLOK / T.T.

30a0512 BLOK / T.T.
From ‘Body and Mind,’ by William McDougall (Copyright, 1911):
“The soul resembles God in its unity (wholeness).  By its possession of a ‘center,’ (Duality) arises the possibility of communion with the ‘One,’ (Singularity). This communion, which represents an apprehension of a unique kind, is achieved only during rare moments of ecstasy!”
This is the goal of Tantric Taoism!

300512 BLOK / T.T.

300512 BLOK  / T.T.  (for Bob and Bruce who will, no doubt, disagree)
‘I’ have thoughts!
‘I’ have ideas (concepts)!
These create ‘my’ wor(l)d!
We (humans) come together in dictionaries (lexicographers very powerful).
We argue over the meaning of wor(l)ds, depicted by letters, characters, etc. (‘signs’).
Ego consciousness, the ‘I,’ nee Duality brought forth the evolution of wo/mankind.  At least that’s how I understand existence!
But, I want to know and to understand why this happened?
Maybe it was ‘God’ wanting humanity to ‘no’ IT as creator.  Note, animals, without ego consciousness, don’t ‘think’ of such…  But, I don’t ‘no’ for sure, maybe they do!
With Duality (blamed on woman) came problems – solutions.
I believe and/or ‘no,’ at least for me, the goal is to return to IT!  To ‘add to IT!’  How?  With more understanding, more consciousness (sometimes called ‘God Consciousness’).
Maybe this is the ‘evolution’ of wo/mankind.
But, as a Taoist we write, ‘The ‘evolution’ you call ‘evolution,’ is ‘knot evolution!’
Existence is ultimately a mystery that is ‘knot’ solved until we ‘shed the body!’
In the meantime, the mundane.
Tantric Taoism

200512 BLOK / T.T. ‘There is no Earth, in fact!’

200512 BLOK / T.T. ‘There is no Earth, in fact!’
Dr. Bruce,
You asked me if I understood…?
You have been trained as a medical doctor.  You know about disease…
Humanity is the ‘disease’ plaguing the Earth — we’re cancerous (out of control)!  The Earth will cure itself of us (what it is in the process of doing now).
But, when the last homo sapien succumbs, the greatest question of all:  Will we have been ‘here’ at all?  No!  We’re a figment of our imaginations having spontaneously ‘combusted,’ a ‘prairie fire’ of sorts!
There’s no such thing as an objective world!  We create it everyday from our minds!
‘Heaven and Hell’ is a human invention.  An idea of an afterlife, wishful thinking!  When human consciousness expires, just that!  We never existed!  There is no Earth, in fact!
In the meantime, “we strut and fret our hour upon the ‘stage!'”
This ‘supposition,’ could be considered Nihilistic!  But, no nothing, no something, and vice versa, no something, no nothing!
This is what we understand!
This is Tantric Taoism.
P.S.  ‘We think therefore we are!’  (Rene DesArtistes)

BLOK 170512 / T.T.

BLOK 170512  / T.T.
Stand up tall,
Before you fall,
Let everything fly
Before you die!
Pound the gavel!
We all unravel!
Then, a big sigh!
Bone by bone
All unsewn!
Little by little,
Organ by organ,
Tooth by tooth
Until all gone!
‘…strutting and fretting
H/our upon the stage!’
So, why are we ‘hear’
To be ‘herd’ no more?
Puddin’ and pie,
Why do we die?
To live, to give,
Strained through a sieve,
We’re drained,
And then…
No more to ‘rain!’
No death!
No life!

150512 BLOK / T.T.

150512 BLOK / T.T. 
(from ‘The Illiad,’ by Homer):
“Heroes sink to rise no more
Tides of blood drench Scamander’s shore!
No rest, no respite,
Till the shades descend,
Till darkness or death shall cover all!
Let war bleed, and 
Let the mighty fall!”
Think Twice!
‘Life’ comes with a price;
Willing to pay,
We make hay,
Consciousness uniting!
Our body, the price!
Think Twice!
Notes:   But… We had no choice, we’re ‘here!’ What to do, how shall we live until we die?  Living for themselves, the ‘mighty fall!’  Living for others, gains eternal ‘life!’ 
Think twice!