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300312 BLOK / T.T.

300312 BLOK
Guess what?  America does manufacturer a product, amazing, nos?  And purchased here in a Chemist Store (pharmacy), ear plugs!  Made in USA!  That used to mean something, and can again!  What happened was, we went from one extreme (prosperity) to the other (poverty).  It’s called enantiodromia.  Its Duality!  We need to learn to stay in the middle, balanced, with some prosperity and some poverty.
We, in Duality, can not have peace without war, and vice versa!
But, we must learn, develop, to get beyond this Samsaric Hell, to its opposite, Singularity.
How to?
Tantric Taoism, ‘won’ way, but ‘knot’ the only!  
Learn to get beyond wor(l)ds, where the Tao you think is the Tao, is ‘knot’ the ‘Oat!’
Union with It!
But, the It you think is the It, is ‘knot’ the It!
Devotion and
Let go!
Subdued, and
To be loved unconditionally!
But the…
H. for T.T.

240312 BLOK / T.T.

240312 BLOK / T.T.
In and out,
Night and day,
The Honeymoon continues!
Man and woman,
Male and female,
Low and high,
Wet and dry,
Sun and shadow,
Hungrey and satiated,
Flat and thin,
Dirty seeks clean, and
Vice versa.
Win and lose,
High and low,
Cold and hot,
Such is not,
Dog and cat,
Rat and bat,
Alive and dead,
Seeing red,
And blue,
Oh, wouldn’t you?
The Honeymoon continues,
In B.L.P.!

23b0312 BLOK / T.T.

23b0312 BLOK / T.T.
Those who develop and practice their own system, for making the ‘great transition,’ have a better one, a better ‘Other.’
No longer ‘to things,’ but ‘won thing!’
We needed this body consciousness to ‘no’ the Other.
Animals, ahead, already ‘their!’
Tantric Taoism

220312 BLOK / T.T.

220312 BLOK / T.T.
We cling to our bodies (egos) as if life depended on it!  What is life, but a wor(l)d we create when we conger…  The ‘life’ you call the ‘life,’ is ‘knot’ the life!  We don’t need a body to ‘live!’
We are something greater than the body/ego!
So, don’t be afraid of ‘shedding the body’ (part) to gain the ‘hole!’ 
Ni ming bai ma?

210312 BLOK / T.T.

210312  BLOK / T.T.
“The web of our lives is a mingled yarn, good and ill together, our virtues would be proud if our faults whipped them not, and our crimes would despair if they were not cherished by our virtues.”
This is a very Taoist statement in that you can’t have anything without its opposite!  And we’re constantly going 
back and forth,
Until we are 
Lost in
Each other,
‘Knot noing’
Which is which,
‘Butt’ not really caring1
Tantric Taoism

20312 BLOK / T.T.

20312 BLOK / T.T.  
The Equinox, is in a 
Box top,
The Games that ‘I’ 
Play with myself:
‘I’ move things!
‘I’ can’t find them!
‘I’ search for them,
The Game!
The Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere),
The Autumnal Equinox (Southern Hemisphere),
Back and forth in 
The Game is to lose
Your Du-al mind!
You are only ‘won,’
Indivisible from the
You have to get beyond words, as the 
Total you think is the Total,
Is ‘knot’ the 
‘Tantric Taoism’
It’s Don Juan’s ‘Stopping the World!’  (Carlos Casteneda)

19a0312 BLOK / T.T.

19a0312  BLOK / T.T.
We will save huwo/manity from extinction!
And there’s a reason,
Consciousness ‘noing’ the truth!
Evil doesn’t want us to ‘no,’
Wants to keep us in the dark (Hell),
While the goal is
God consciousness,
The Light,
Being the Light beyond words, as in,
The Light you call the Light, is ‘knot’ the Light!
The ‘Light’ is within you!
The ‘Light’ is with you!
(sayeth, The Rock)
Tantric Taoism

199312 BLOK / T.T.

199312 BLOK / T.T.
Laws create lawyers.
Illness creates doctors.
Have ‘nun!’
Be as such to need no laws.
Health is lifestyle!
Accept yourself as fallible.
Forgive, move on, give up, Let go!
Become seduced by ‘It,’
Subdued by ‘It,’
Enslaved by ‘It,’
To be loved,
Perfection is in accepting imperfection.
Get in the middle,
The Middle Way.
Balance in Duality
Gets you to Singularity,
Going back and forth,
Until we are lost in
Each other,
‘Knot noing’ 
Which is which,
‘Butt knot’ really caring!
‘Tantric Taoism’