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150212 BLOK, and T.T. (ultimately)

150212 BLOK, and T.T. (ultimately)
‘Free Will’ is an illusion!’ 
We ‘co-create’ the Universe (with our ‘wor(l)ds’).
There’s something else going on, greater!  
We are a part of ‘IT,’ a ‘hole,’ — we go through in Tantric Taoism.
The task is to become more conscious, becoming aware of the energy, and co-operating with it.  
On the other hand, ‘pain,’ is a great teacher and some much learn the hard way!   Note, you cannot get to ‘heaven,’ without going through ‘hell’ (the message of Jesus).
Generally speaking, pain, the opposite of what we seek.
Read the following quotes from a book entitled, ‘The Intention Experiment,’ by Lynne Taggart:
‘…that all matter in the Universe (known existence) is connected on a sub-atomic level through a constant ‘dance’ of energy exchange.’  Note, Gary Zukov’s ‘The Dancing Wu-Li Masters,’ courtesy of friend Dick.  This is the ‘Quan Yin,’ (in Chinese mythology), this, a ‘sound’ in your mind (no not Tintinitus).  It’s inaudible to the ear, but not the mind (‘Sounds’ like an electrical current.).  We ‘here’ it all the time.  This is ‘simultaneity,’ or our ‘Renoyin!’  This is the ‘dance’ of the ‘sub-atomic particles!’  But, the ‘dance’ you call the ‘dance,’ is ‘knot’ the ‘dance!’ 
‘The well-designed experiments conducted by scientists suggest that consciousness is a substance outside the confines of our bodies — a highly ordered energy with the capacity to change physical matter.  Note, Uri Geller, bending spoons, comes to mind.
‘Simply, thought affects reality:
That consciousness affects matter:
Consciousness somehow is the influence that ‘fuels’ the possibility of something into something ‘real!’  Note, we would call this, Tao.
The most essential ingredient in creating our Universe is the consciousness that observes it (us)!
That consciousness is somehow central to the process of transforming the unconstructed quantum world into something resembling every day reality.
It suggests, not only that the observer brings the observed into being, but also that nothing in the Universe exists as an actual ‘thing’ independently of our perception of it.  Note, as we’ve been writing, ‘There’s no such thing as objectivity!  We create our ‘wor(l)ds’ from our minds.
Other quotes from Lynne Taggart’s book, ‘The Intention Experiment:’
‘A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe.’  This part limited in time and space (Duality).  S/he experiences itself, the thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.’  Albert Einstein
‘Every atom belonging to me, as good, belongs to you as well!’  Walt Whitman
‘Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical!’  Yogi Berra