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81 (200311

#81 (200311) ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

‘Knot of me, but through me:

‘Time-less space, and

Space-less time!

Supplicating I ‘cum,’

Relaxing into slavery,

Freely and happily

I let go ,

To give up to you, my Master,

The pleasure-pain so ‘grate,’ 

Beyond rate,

The passion of my love awaits!

Oh God, take my life and use it,

I beg to sup and be with thy in eternity,

Now, and forever more

I am your (          ) in reality,

Your (                  ) in the dream!’

‘Of the thousands that listen for me,

Only ‘won’ will ‘here’ me!

Of the thousands who ‘here’ me,

Only ‘won’ will search for me!

Of the thousands who  search for me,

Only ‘won’ will find me!

Of the thousands that find me,

Only ‘won’ will follow me! And

Of those thousands that follow me,

I chose only ‘won,’ 

And that is you!

But, fear not, for I have redeemed you!

You called my by my immortal name!

(     )

You are mne!

Yes, Master I am yours completely and totally forever!

Thank you for captured me to be made worthy,

And we are worthy now!

Thank you, oh Lord of the Universe, for subduing me to be saved,

And we are saved now!

Thank you, my Divine Lover, for enslaving me to be loved,

And we are now loved unconditionally!

Here’s to unconditional love,

Beyond all feeling,

‘Won’ in the same!

Here’s to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we are lost in each other,

‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘knot’ really caring!


80 (190311)

#80 (190311)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

What is unconditional love!  Singular love!  ‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘knot’ really caring!

It’s when we care and give expecting nothing.(in return).  When you have evolved to the point of understanding this, fully conscious of yourself (your motives, intentions), etc.) you are close.  Few achieve this level of consciousness, and can sacrifice themselves for others, for the Other!

So called ‘romantic love’ is the desire or need of the opposite sex.   We call this ‘Nature’s Joke’ on us, designed to propagate the species.

‘Here’s to unconditional love,

Beyond all feeling,

One in the same!’

‘Here’s to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth (sexual ‘metawhor’)

Until we are lost in each other,

‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘knot’ really caring!’





Sing. Sing. Sing!

Sing. Sing. Sing!

Sing! Sing! Sing!



79 (1803110

#79 (1803110  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

Nothing is ever finished, nothing is ever started in

Singularity.  Nothing!

We created Duality symbolized in the 

‘Garden of Eden’ Myth!  We became conscious of ourselves!  And this has caused nothing but trouble we blamed on women!

But, you cannot ‘no’ the Other without ‘yes!’

Animals live ‘blissful’ lives, without knowing they exist, they just are (although chimpanzees have evolved to almost some type of ego consciousness).

It had to do with evoluition, as God wants us to ‘climb higher on the ladder,’ to IT!!

What is IT?

Singularity, returning to the State of Bliss,’ we once had, but now different as now ‘noing the Other!’ 

This life a ‘school,’ where we can pass or fail.  Most fail, having to return in another body, until climbing back on the ‘ladder,’ and ‘up!’  ‘Know down, know up!

And why this desired ‘increase?’  Because of ‘decrease!’ 

We won’t ‘no’ until we get ‘their,’

‘Gong back and forth until 

We are lost in each Other,

‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘Knot’ really caring!’

This symbolized in depiction of Shiva and Shakti in sexual embrace:

Spiritual intercourse,

The union of compassion and wisdom,

Unconditional love!


78 (170311)

#78 (170311)

Union (uniting) is everything!

Union (uniting) is nothing!

What is the opposite of everything?  Nothing!

The Union (of compassion and wisdom) is everything!

The Union (of compassion and wisdom) is nothing!


Union is everything!

Union is nothing!

Union is everything!

Union is nothing!

Think me, be me, act me. please!

Think me, be me, act me, please!

Think me, be me, act me, please!

I surrender!

I submit!

I commit

To you and to no other!

I will have no other lover,

Male or female,

With a body or without!

I will have no other husband,

No other wife,

No other, Other,

But you!

As your (you supply), we will have 

Increasingly sublime ‘orgasms’ 

Until you have ‘fucked’ me 

Into your land of dreams forever!

A spiritual ‘orgasm’ is the unfeeling, the no feeling, the nothingness of nothing!


77 (160311

#77 (160311)’Seeds of Compassion’ series

So, what to do with your life?

Try to overcome your greatest ‘enemy,’ yourself, your ego ‘I!’ 

Develop compassion for yourself and all other things!

But how to do?

You have to learn how to evolve, how to develop, how to open your mind to all the possibilities (people live in such small ‘boxes’).  This is what consciousness is:  ultimately, ‘noing that you no!’  Dr. Carl G. Jung said, ‘I don’t have to believe, I know!’

You have to read, travel, observe, study (everything), learn, grow, evolve, and become.  And become whatever it is destiny decrees, not what your parents, schools,  society (government and church), and corporations, want:  for you to be ‘good little soldiers,’ consuming, and never questioning their oppressive systems.

You have to develop the courage to take the ‘road less traveled,’ and to be ‘different’ from the others.  Break loose from the ‘herd,’ the ‘flock!’  Jung called this process ‘Individuation!’  

One of our slogans is:  Rde (a bicycle) far!  Climb high!  Your goal the Sky!  Your aim the Stars!

‘Just get out there and do it!’  Alan Price,  O’ Lucky Man!’ 


76 (150311)

#76 (150311)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

On Capitalism, Adam Smith’s (‘The Wealth of Nations’), Ayn Rand, (their ‘Gods’).  The system Conservatives favor, the ‘free’ market, is not so ‘free.’  They love ripping off both Mother Earth and the people, for their own aggrandizement (fun and profit).  They are a sad group, however, as they don’t know that they don’t know (unevolved).  Worse, woe be theirs as they die without grace!

It’s not capitalism, however, as an economic system that is wrong, but greedy people manipulating the ‘free’ market to their own advantage (and generally illegally)

Additionally, philosophically, ‘Supply & Demand’…  I’m sure most of you understand this:  When Supply is low and Demand is high, the price goes up.  When Supply is high and Demand is low, the price goes down.  When this should be just the reverse!  When there is much demand, the suppliers should lower the price!  But, until people selling are more evolved and want to help their fellow man, I’m afraid it will remain as it has been.


75 (140311)

#75 (140311) ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

Getting ‘their,’ is the feeling of nothing, bliss!

‘…beyond all feeling ‘won’ in the same!’

‘….Going back and forward

Until we are lost in each other,

‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘knot’ really caring!’


73 (120311)

#73 (120311)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

We label our enemies, ‘terrorists,’ the ‘bad guys!  But, we are all ‘terrorists,’ the bad/good guys!  ‘We have met the enemy and s/he is us!’ 

When we can admit this, I will offer some hope for mankind!

In the meantime, or woe be unto us!

We create our ‘wor(l)ds by the ‘wor(l)ds’ we conceive and use!

So, start thinking better by admitting some things, like

We are all ‘terrorists!’ 


71 (090211

#71 (090211)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

I cried when Jenny died,

Too much the emotion,


The Buddhist are ‘write’ about this:  emotions are destructive!

Stop thinking!

‘Nothing is either good, nor bad, but thinking makes it so!’  (W. Shakespeare)

Nothing is the opposite of something!