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#47 310111 (‘Seeds of Compassion’ series)

The ‘hole’ objective (in life) is to dissolve the Ego, so you might experience the ‘Total,’ or Tao!  This takes practice!

The chant for is:

We’re coming together!

We’re coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere,

We’re coming together!

My practice involves Tantric Buddhism combined with Shakti Yoga (Hindu in orgin.).  The idea is to balance out the ‘other,’ in the case of being male, testosterone, in the case of being female, estrogen.   You visualize, or use an image to help (male and female in sexual union).  This is what the Buddhist chant OM MANI PADME AUM, means:  the ‘jewel’ (penis) is in the lotus flower (vagina).  Note, I’ll bet 90% of the Buddhist world doesn’t even ‘no’ that.

…the key has unlocked the door, oneness, wholeness, union, Singularity, sing, sing, sing, sing sing, sing, sing, sing!

This helps to dissolve the ‘I.’ the Ego, as you become both, or ‘we!’  It’s important in life to use the pronoun ‘we,’ instead of ‘I,’ as ultimately there is ‘know I.’

We’re coming together!

We’re coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere,

We’re coming together!

This is spiritual intercourse!

The union of compassion and wisdom,

Unconditional love!

That’s the goal, unconditional love!

Jesus brought the concept of ‘love’ into the world.  We add the concept of unconditional love, or giving/caring without any expectation (conscious or unconscious) of some yield — and this, no matter how the object responds (Jesus said, ‘Turn the other cheek!)!  The closest thing in Duality is the love a mother gives to her child.  Farthest from that is romantic love, or lust, or our definition, ‘Nature’s Joke,’ designed to propagate the species. 

Here’s to unconditional love,

Beyond all feeling,

‘Won’ in the same.

Here’s to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we’re lost in each other,

‘Knot noing’ which is which,

But, ‘knot’ really caring!



46 300111

#46 300111 (‘Seeds of Compassion’ series)

Dear Nigel:

You have the stereotypical idea of a ‘lama,’ or ‘monk.’  Probably the image of such from the Dalai Lama, in his saffron/blood red robes, bowing with hands in prayerful clasp,   This is not me.  

Taoist colors are grey and blue.  If I wear such it’s by accident.  You think I should go from one peace organization to another.  I don’t.  You think I should know the Taoist organizations in N.Z.   I don’t.  I don’t seek out such, although they come to me, that’s why I ask others (to put out that energy).  Best, let things come to you, rather than to seek them.  This is the Taoist Way!  The ‘water course way:’  going with the flow, not trying to change it.

Additionally, I’m a cyclist, travelling the world.  If the subject of peace and/or Taoism comes up this gives me the opportunity to speak about such.  I’ve said/write about whatever and that is available via my BLOK ( — for example this to you.  If you want to know what I think/write, read my BLOK (I’ve combined ‘blog’ and ‘book.’ ).

I have a two-hour program early morning (0400 – 0600) which includes, prayer, chanting, and exercise.  The spiritual part includes Tantric Buddhism, Shakti Yoga, and the Tao (and other ideas). Does this make me a ‘lama’ or ‘monk,’ I don’t know… I’m only a ‘devotee,’ by initiation (Taiwanese order), but I’ve never been there, and have no plans to go to Taiwan ever.  Does this qualify me as a ‘monk?’  I don’t know.  Ask, Karma Sherpa, the Buddhist monk (in Nepal) who initiated me.

I’m more a Taoist mystic.  What does that mean?  ‘Mystics,’ seek a direct relationship with the divine, not through another living human being.  All religion is penultimate.  You never ‘get there’ with religion, created by man for a variety of reasons. 

I’ve ‘gotten there!’  But, ‘where’ you ask, wanting simple and quick answers.  If I respond with the following, what do you say?:  

There’s no objective reality.  We create our ‘worlds’ with your own ‘thoughts’ (energy) and words you think, speak/write.  You have to ‘get there,’ your own way as you see fit.  I’m (we’re) not trying to convert anyone to anything.  Maybe open y/our ‘eyes’ a bit (developing your ‘third eye’).

Modern life is destructive, in that it keeps you in a perpetual state of ‘wanting’ material things:  money has become ‘God!’  Better to ‘want’ the Spirit, named, not ‘buy,’ but ‘by’ you!

I was in the entertainment industry for fifty years, with one toe still in it.  I watch a movie every night.  I would guess in your world monks don’t do that.  They should wear robes and go around chanting ‘OM MANI PADME AUM!’  (Note, ‘The Jewel is in the Lotus flower,’ a ‘metawhor’ for ‘union.’ But, it’s the ‘sound,’ the vibration, that Buddhists use, more than the intellectual idea.  ‘I’ (‘we’) use the idea in Shakti Yoga.)

Dispel all pre-conceived notions about who and what people and things are — open thy mind!  My bicycle (Mr. Fetes) is just as ‘alive’ as you are (at least to me).  The sacred ‘rocks,’ I have are just as ‘alive’ as any breathing thing (again, at least to me).  I think our ‘worlds’ probably a little different, but we come together in the English Dictionary (a ‘contract’ between English speaking people).

But, you need to understand what Louis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, also took vows of celibacy).  He had ‘Humpty Dumpty’ say (in ‘Through the Looking Glass’ ) some of the most profound words I’ve ever read:  ‘When I choose a word, I also choose its meaning!’ 

My poetry has to do with deconstructing language, a la Louis Carroll.  Words are not etched in the stone.  More like ‘stone,’ etched in a ‘word!’

What does the word ‘lama’ or ‘monk’ mean?  I think we’re talking about two different people here, as we’re different as well.  I’ve invented a new kind of ‘lama’ or ‘monk’  (Note, I should come up with a new word for such.):  a person that rides around the world on a bicycle, trying to open people’s eyes, a ‘messenger’ of sorts:’  Maybe ‘bikm,’  or ‘lamcycle?’

You are what you think!  So, think better thoughts and you will have a better life!  It’s a big, wide wonderful world ‘out here,’ where ‘we’ live.  The world is not just New Zealand (as Keith now knows).  The world isn’t just China as one billion Chinese think either!  And hopefully the world isn’t the U.S. (only) — how awful that would be!

Call me whatever.  Give me a name.  Maybe that will help you understand, I’m whatever you want me to be, really just a humble servant of ‘It.’  But, the ‘It,’ you call the ‘It,’ isn’t the ‘It!’   ‘It’s something else, like ‘me!’

F.A. Hutchison





a ‘bum’ on a bicycle!

Currently in living/cycling in and around Yunnan Province, China

P.S.  I’m certainly ‘knot’ a ‘lama:’  From www.dictionary. com:


[lah-muh]  Show IPA


a priest or monk in Lamaism.


1645–55;  < Tibetan lama  (sp. bla ma ) lit., superior one (in Tibetan applied only to monks of high rank)

— n

a priest or monk of Lamaism

I’m not a ‘monk,’ either according to 



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#45 290111 (‘Seeds of Compassion’ series)

On violence (in America):

From the ‘Tao Te Qing,’ by Lao Zi  (if I have any ‘bible’ this is is):

Chapter #31:

“Fine weapons are nonetheless ill-omened things.  That is why, among people of good birth (note, ‘evolved’), none exist!  ‘The ‘Quietist,’ even when s/he conquers, does not regard weapons as power objects.  For to think of them as ‘power objects,’ means to delight in them, and delight in the slaughter of people.  And he who delights in the slaughter of people will never get what s/he wants!  Someone who slaughters people will receive nothing but grief and mourning!”  


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#44 280111 (‘Seeds of Compassion’ series)

‘Thank whatever Gods that may be for my unconquerable soul,’ the ‘Year of the Tiger’ is ending!  But, even to the end it annoys (and delights!).  There’s never just one ‘thing’ one action (‘for every action there is a reaction’),  the main point of Taoism.

My little 40W desk lamp has developed a ‘tick,’ annoying me, ‘Sunny’ continues to delight me, this blight, happy soul, an artist (my latest Chinese daughter).

Recently a friend wrote this:

“Rap for Hutch:

Hutch, a friend of mine, is a slacker dude

he’s always polite and never rude

he writes poetry to salve the world

his new found eastern philosophy unfurled

in his new enlightenment he is cleansed of stress

where he goes from here is anyone’s guess!”

Does anyone really know where they’re going…?  No!  Th/we/y think we do, and we make plans.  But, often these plans go awry, and we end up in an entirely different situation.

Life is a collaboration between the known and unknown *You’ (the ego ‘I’) and the Tao.  ‘But the Tao is call the Tao is not the Tao!’   Once you name something it’s gone.

Thus, is reasonable to assume that by naming something we create ‘our worlds!’  So, choose your thoughts (*energy’);  your words carefully!

Better thoughts and words, a better life!



43 (160111)

#43 (160111)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

‘I,’ (we) shall never forget today as two different people blessed me with a status I’m hardly worthy of:  One said, ‘You are my God!’  Another said ‘You are an angel!’  How is it possible that ‘I’ (we) could be associated with such accolades?

First of all, the Chinese people that said these things, don’t understand the true meaning of these English words (at least our interpretation of).   Secondly, I had help/ed these two people in a time of need so, of course, they were thanking me (us).

It’s easy to be a ‘God,’ or an ‘angel!’  All you have to do is think of others, put them first.  Yet, so few do.  What does the Christian Bible say… ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ 

An even greater challenge:  ‘Endless acts of compassion.’ 


P.S.  The only ‘God,’ / ‘angel’ I know of, is my German partner, Rotraut Boyens!  


42 (150111)

 #42 (150111)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

 The Goddess Ahya says:

 “There are many who wish to gain enlightenment 

in a male form,
And there are few who wish to work
for the welfare of living beings
in a female form.  

Therefore may we, in opposite bodies (male=female, and vice versa),
work for the welfare of all beings,
until such time as all humanity has found its fullness.”



41 (130111)

#41 (130111) ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

The ‘space-time continiuum,’ what is it?  It’s the dual ‘reality’ we live inside like clothing on a body.  No space, no time.  No time, no space.   These are only ‘metawhors,’ of course.  With science trying to describe, by mathematics, our ‘world.’  Oh, woe be unto them, for taking us away from the truth, leading us down the wrong road.  Organized religion not much better!

The discussion of ‘dimensions,’ just a way of limiting, creating a finite existence, one that we can try to understand (for money no less).

‘Their’ ultimately, is no ‘understanding’ in a scientific way.  Only consciousness can lead the way…  Finally,  to something so profound we can’t ‘no,’ (entirely) with a body, but we can begin to make ‘sents’ out of…  

Only our ‘transition’ (‘death’ in the dictionary), matters!  We should celebrate it, not mourn it, for it is a great accomplishment, if…  The only ‘losers’ of the event are the living left behind!  If, we have lived the kind of life that has developed our ‘potential,’ then we can glimpse the ‘unknown,’ via Taoism.  For, ‘The Tao you call the Tao is not the Tao.’

The ‘trick’ is to get beyond words, while you still have a body!  The ultimate is the ‘feeling beyond feeling,’ the ‘unfeeling!’ unconditional love (spiritual intercourse).

The closest thing to unconditional love is the love between mother and child The kind of ‘love’ people talk about (‘I”m in love!’) is conditional, and why so many times it doesn’t work out — too many expectations.  I call this ‘Nature’s Joke,’ how Nature propagates the species.  Men are ‘driven’ to women for physical sex (Bunuel’s ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’), women to men for children and security.  Most are unconscious of this.  Most people unconscious period, living on the surface of life the ‘depths’ too scary.

‘No time!  No space!  No space! No time!  In Duality you can’t have one without the other.

‘Singularity,’ is without an ‘other,’  beyond the ‘space-time continiuum.’  Beyond Duality, but ‘knot’ beyond ‘noing!’

The Tao you call the Tao is not the Tao.

The life you call life, is not the life.

The love you call love, is not the love!



40 (130111)

#40 (130111)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

Tucson, Arizona, I call my ‘hometown,’ as I grew up there, beginning in 1945.  Of course, in those days it was a dusty little Mexican/Indian village.  The last time I was there, 1990, I didn’t recognize it!  I couldn’t find the University, nor  KVOA/4, the TV station, where I started by ‘show biz.’ career (in 1958). 

Tucson, The Old Pueblo, is where I purchased my first firearm, and became a ‘hunter,’ a la Ernest Hemingway.  So, I’m part of the problem as well, at least back then.  I remember how upset my mother was when this happened in 1960, as I was only 20-years old.  It was a Winchester, model 88 (lever action), that fired a .308 caliber cartridge.  I once decimated a rabbit with it, and God forgive me for such.  I’ve killed birds too, and the thought reviles me now.  How could I?  But, ‘back then,’ I was unconscious of such, apart of a male zeitgeist that had to have a firearm, or not be a man!   I went on to fire many exotic weapons in the U.S. Army.

When you’re unconscious, you don’t k(no)w that you don’t k(no)w!  And certainly I didn’t k(no)w that I didn’t k(no)w!  I only knew I wanted to be the two-fisted, ‘fuck’em and leave ’em’-kind of lover, the hunter/killer like my hero, when young, Ernest Hemingway.  What did I k(no)w?  Little!  When you’re ‘little,’ you want (or need) to be bigger!

Today, I only kill cockroaches and mosquitoes, and then only in a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction.  So, I understand the impulse to kill.  I’ve killed.

Recently, I wrote that I thought our 1958 graduating class (Catalina High School, Tucson, Arizona) had failed.  Why?  Because we have helped to create collectively a culture where killing is the solution (thanks to the theme of 80% of ‘Hollywood’ movies).  We love making ‘war!’  We believe destroying the ‘enemy’ will solve all  our problems, when in fact, ‘We have met the enemy and he is us!’ (Walt Kelly’s ‘Pogo’).  We are the world’s largest arms dealer.  This only confirms what I’m saying.  We love making war!

We need to change!  We need to live up to all our lofty and holy words the U.S. was founded upon!.  We need to stop worshiping money!  We’ve taken Capitalism to its extreme, and where did it get us?   Heading back in the opposite direction to save us from the abyss  (this is the Tao at work).  

Note, The Tao is open to creativity (this is what consciousness is!)   Consciousness is potential, Deepak Chopra wrote.

But how to develop this potential…?  How to evolve beyond the ‘Hollywood’ theme of ‘Violence is the solution!’?  As I’ve written so many times before it all has to do with consciousness (which 90% of America is bereft of).  We don’t know that we don’t know!  On the other hand, we ‘k(no)w’ we’re right!  Everyone ‘know’s their’ right!  No one, or few are willing to compromise and come half-way to the middle (a little right and a little wrong)!  ‘It’s our way or the highway!’   It’s “The ‘Reagun’ Paradigm” (David J. Carter & F.A. Hutchison, ‘The Forum’/Polebridge Press, 1988).

 Wake up!  Stop watching televison!  Be different!  Develop your potential!  Evolve beyond your little world of guns, and meat, of fast food and pizza!  Discover the entire world, not just your community so tightly controlled by ‘the owners’ for money!

We can!


39 (100111)

#39 (100111)  ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

Recently the Catholic Pope said that God caused the ‘Big Bang!’  We think the ‘Big Bang’ was God’s ‘orgasm!’  Of course, a ‘metawhor!’

Everything is a ‘metawhor,’ there is no such thing as objective reality!  Words are only metaphors, we choose their meaning when we use them.  Read the words that Louis Carroll put into ‘Humpty Dumpty’s’ mouth.

We’ve collectively created this Universe, this world!   We ‘come’ together, via energy, thoughts and ultimately ‘words,’ sharing ‘it!’  But, ‘words’ are not etched in stone.  The literal meaning, or the dictionary meanings are only for children.

Individually we don’t ‘no!’  Collectively we do!  This is what ‘God’ is, a ‘collective consciousness!’  That’s why the more ‘we; grow, the more ‘we’ evolve, the more ‘God becomes.’  Consciousness is potential, Deepak Chorak said.  

Ours is just another ‘story.’

What happened, ‘way  back when,’ (symbolized in the Garden of Eden Myth’) ‘we’ gained ego consciousness = to become aware of ourselves to ‘no’ something else (in a dual existence):  ‘God!’  That ‘something else’ is the Total. or Tao!

‘But the Tao you call the Tao is not the Tao!’  Ah, all just the words we use to create our own world!

That’s as far as we…


38 (060111)

#38 (060111) ‘Seeds of Compassion’ series

Faith is ‘no worry,’ not worrying!  It’s trust! 

How many times have we heard, ‘Trust the Lord,’ or ‘Trust in God?’  Yet, we don’t because we don’t know how.  We don’t know how to ‘let go;’ to trust!  Thus, we live in doubt, in fear!

Padmasambhava said, ‘The absence of all doubt leads to complete success!’  

Thus, the task:  Eliminate the doubt!  Eliminate the fear!

Doubt comes in the form of energy, conceptualized in thought, that become words.

And sometimes these ‘words’ attack us with vehemence.  We drive ourselves crazy, allowing the ‘monkey mind’ (Buddhist) to control us.  Shakespeare said, ‘Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so!’  ‘We have met the enemy and s/he is us!’ I’ve quoted ‘Pogo’ so many times before.

The means:  You have to learn how to stop the ‘Monkey mind,’ those negative random thoughts (from ‘nowhere) that enter into consciousness.

Basically, ‘meditation,’ is a form of mind control.  We’ve got to get better control of our minds not allowing the negative to overtake us.

When not meditating (chanting particularly good), and ‘out there’ in the ‘real’ world, I try to catch and balance the negative with the positive.  For example, if the following thought comes into my mind, ‘You’re going to die tomorrow!’  I will counteract that by  ‘saying,’ (thinking).  Well, if I do I hope it’s quick and easy.  I’ve had a good life, with no regrets!  I pray that my spirit may come to ‘you’ (supply the noun) without shame!’  Or, when a negative thought comes I will simply say, ‘That’s not going to happen!’ 

We really are the ‘masters of our fates, the captains of our souls.’  (from the poem ‘Invictus’ (now a motion picture):

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.” 

William Ernest Henley  (I don’t know how Clint Eastwood got away with making a motion picture entitled, ‘Invictus’ (about Nelson Mandala) without ever giving credit to Henley for the poem…?  Clint, you ‘stink!’ 

Henley was blind.

Most of us are blind about ourselves, leading ‘quiet lives of desperation.’

We’ve lost our faith if we ever had it.  We live in fear!

(Now, return to the top and read this again!)

Chant:  ‘Shall find me unafraid!’