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Of the 81 ‘chapters’ of Lao Zi’s ‘Tao Te Qing,’ #28 is my favorite:

‘Though knowing what is masculine,
You play the role of female;
Content to be the valley of the world!
Accomplishing this,
You will be accompanied by eternal virtue,
Returning to the mental state of infancy!

Though knowing what is white,
You play the role of black;
Content to be a model for the world.
Content to be a model for the world,
You will no longer be at odds
With eternal virtue,
And understand the final truth!

Though knowing what is honor,
You are ready to be disgraced,
Content to be the lowest on Earth.
You will then no longer lack eternal virtue,
And return to simplicity (the Tao).

When simplicity gets shattered
And thus complicated,
The sage makes use of it!

No matter simple or complicated,
It’s all the same,
Oneness, wholeness, union,
The Tao!’

The Tao, however, is really beyond describing, as not a part of our dual existence. Some would substitute the word, ‘God.’