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This is consciousness!

All my life I’ve been trying to define consciousness, what it is. About 20-years ago a friend, Dick Hammerstrom gave me the idea of what it isn’t: He said, ‘It’s when you don’t know that you don’t know!’ Basically when you’re living in darkness.

Then just yesterday, revelation (a light went on)! Another friend, Rotaurt Boyens finally gave me the idea of what ‘it’ is: She said, ‘…you see through things…’ Maybe what Superman used and what I think was termed ‘X-ray vision!’

And thus:

This is consciousness!

We see through all things:
We see through all the hypocrisy.
We see through all the manipulation; exploitation!
We see through the nature of money (as the modern ‘God’).
We see through governments, institutions, (organized) religion!
We see through it all!
We see through falling in love,’(‘Nature’s joke!’); marriage!
We see through Olympic Games; nationalism.
We see through fantasy and ‘Hollywood’ movies (‘Tell-me-again-daddy,’ stories).
We see through all the lies; the bullshit!
We see through advertising; bullshit for profit!
We see through all the distractions (screens).
We see through all injustice!
We see through modern life (as a crock of shit)!
We see through it all

We see, not with, but through the eyes.
This is consciousness (when you can)!

WE ARE THE ‘ENEMY’ EACH ONE OF US! AS WE DON’T KNOW THAT WE DON’T KNOW (yet we all ‘know’ we’re right, projecting evil and wrongdoing onto ‘the other’). This is being unconscious (as Dick said).

Thus, let us all start seeing through and not with the eyes!

F.A. Hutchison
In China