Monthly Archives: March 2008


Unconditional Love!

What a fuck!
But, you’re in luck,
As ancient old,
The story has been told!
Hold on fast,
You’re up to the task!

It happened that I was taken,
Made both convex and concave
A new shape,
This rape!

I went round and round,
Up and down,
Not knowing
Which was which,
But, not really caring!

No cut was made,
But, he was surely jade
So hard inside of me!

I become his wife,
He the fife,
A married couple,
The pleasure double!

How could I have known,
A middle-class mind, that I
Would soon be bound,
Tied up in a
Never-ending orgasm!

The chasm filled,
Drilled to delight,
I tried with all my might
To escape,
But, couldn’t!

You are the Divine Lover,
And this is spiritual sex,
Supreme bliss,
The union of compassion and wisdom,
Unconditional love!