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230108 BLOK / T.T.

230108 BLOK / T.T.

Our lives… How important are they? Well, to each individual pretty important. We strive to make ourselves happy and comfortable. But, for most the ultimate result is unhappiness! Why? We don’t know what it is really, happiness? We think money will buy it. And when we’re $ rich others will be attracted to us, only to discover it’s not us they’re interested in, but what we provide.

It’s a sad state of affairs, this modern madness! We’ve lost our way, so distracted by the material, so alienated from our source we only exist in some kind of limbo.

Most people don’t experience what’s possible, living in the truest sense. They have no peace of mind, nor sense of purpose beyond acquiring and consuming. Tell me in the course of history, does this give us meaning? Why are we here? To shop at Walmart? To be a ‘cog’ in the ‘giant machine’ devouring the earth?

Beyond consuming, does your life have meaning? Is your life so important? Will you be missed when you’re gone? Were you kind and generous with all you met? Or, were you an unconscious monster?

Do the birds talk to you? Do secrets in leaves and rocks reveal themselves to you? Or, are you only interested in your computer or mobile? Do you jump to answer it when it signals a call?

We are only on this earth (have a body) for a short time. You will eventually, as Shakespeare said, ‘…be the clay, stuck in the wall, that keeps the rain at bay!’

Taoists say the only ‘immortality,’ is in metamorphosis. But, what about the spirit, energy that animates the body, never created, never destroyed? It ‘returns’ to it’s source.

Was there a reason IT animated the body for a time? The great mystery, life!

But, human life is ego consciousness, and the only chance to know more. To try to evolve beyond the mundane. But, only one in one billion have a clue! The rest, like teeming vermin, devouring themselves!

Oh we must pray for a redeemer, a savior to come again, and save us from ourselves! That is the only hope!

In the meantime, movies!

“It always rains at funerals,
At birth the sun shines,
Everyone in China dines,
While the birds sing,
Almost on the wing!
What a day,
At the movies!

Violence to solve,
The small dissolve,
Get a gun,
And run!
Kill, that’s the drill,
It’s for ‘reel,’
At the movies!”